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Constant intrusive thoughts ritual Behavior

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I'm here to see if anybody can relate so what I'm going through because I want to know how many people out there really have those horrible intrusive thoughts that really ruin your day and Rob you of your life and I have to constantly tap everything a different way for example if I don't tap if I don't put my soda down on the table the right way I have to constantly tap it until I get a right sock because I feel so I don't do it the right way something bad will happen in these thoughts of really ruining my life and I had control over it one time but ever since my twin sister passed it's been ridiculous and I have twins myself too. My daughter's my daughters are 13 now and they see everything I literally look like a lunatic I have to retrace my steps because of my intrusive thoughts for another example if I don't put my pants on the right way while changing in the morning I have to take them back off and put them back on so I put them back on another thought but I could be doing it for 45 minutes and end up quitting my day because I will end up doing it all day even flicking the light switch on and off it's so ridiculous I don't know if anybody has what I'm having obviously somebody out there knows who I'm going through so somebody can help me. Be awesome because I'm literally literally crying right now and I don't know who else to contact and my mother knows all about my intrusive thoughts and has been there and has been helping me but it's pretty much really robbed my life and I can't do it anymore I need to do something about it I'm scaring myself my head is literally freaking me out I don't know how I ended up with this OCD condition I wish it was a way I want to be free from it so somebody can help me that would be very great and thank you so much I know. People understand how it robs your life and if I misspelled anything LOL sorry about that but I'm pretty sure everyone of you totally understand this and what I'm saying

9 Replies
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Hello samimandy,

I know what your going through .My OCD is a little different ,but I know about the thoughts and time loss and the rituals .Please try not to cry. Losing your sister is traumatic and certainly affected it .CBT may help. Maybe a therapist .Your so right it does seem to rob our lives. If your want to know more reach


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Your post hit home for me so I wanted to reach out and let you know you can absolutely gain your life back with the right medicine and therapy. OCD is a horrible disorder and it’s sneaky and robs people of their lives but you can turn it around. If it’s possible to find a reputable psychiatrist in your area that specializes in ocd treatment that can be a huge step forward and then working st the same time with a psychologist or therapist to bring the time wasting rituals under control. It’s a tremendous amount of work and effort to do as the patient but I want you to know it’s entkrrlt possible to get ocd under control and get your life back.

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I’m so sorry for the loss of your sister. You are not alone in your OCD- I’m sorry for the pain of it. It can rob your life if you leave it untreated but if you get treatment you can reclaim your life!! I take lexapro and it helps me. I also see a therapist that specializes in OCD. Please find a therapist in your area that knows about ocd and does ERP. It works!!

Your intrusive thoughts are just thoughts- they feel real but they’re NOT!! The content is irrelevant- it’s just your brain trying to trick you!!

All the best!!

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Intrusive scary thoughts are horrible and debilitating. You must go see a professional psychologist/psychiatrist who specializes in OCD. I’m happy you have the love and support of your mother too. It will get better with treatment and medication. Find the strength inside of you to get better. You and your children deserve a healthier you! God bless you and believe me you will get better!

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Hi samimandy, I totally understand what you mean. It frustrates me so much, I also find when I'm doing many things, I can't stop until it 'feels' right. If I do something wrong, I have to start all over. Intrusive thoughts are getting worse as I get more stressed. I'm a really logical person but I have no control over these thoughts.

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Yes. I understand you and what you are going through. Distance your thoughts. You and OCD thoughts are different. Do opposite of what OCD thought compels you to do. Do not avoid, face the fears. Take it till the last possibility and than you will understand this is just mind game. May God give you all the strength to come out of OCD. Best wishes.

Hi Samimandy:

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your twin sister. That would have to be extremely traumatic and stressful for you. I'm 61 and have had OCD most of my life, but wasn't officially diagnosed until 1982 at age 24, when there were absolutely no meds yet for OCD, and no mention of OCD anywhere. At that time I saw my family doctor who happened to know a lot about OCD. (I suffered a long time by myself before I knew he could help me though.) After finding out that my doctor knew about OCD & was willing to help me, I went weekly to him to talk to him. When I was a little more stable, he sent me back to working full-time in order to keep my mind on constructive things. Working helped my OCD a lot, but it wasn't until I was able to be on medication that I started doing even better. I have been taking Zoloft for years now. There definitely IS hope & help for you. There are many meds used to treat OCD now. They help the part of our brains that aren't functioning correctly. I wish the best for you, as I know what torture OCD is. I have said a prayer for you.

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Hi! My condolences on the loss of your sister. I understand the time loss issues in dealing with OCD. Over the last summer my OCD spiked again. I thought the worst was over! I started struggling with time management really bad. I was just trying to date and be in a normal relationship with my boyfriend and I guess the OCD did not like that because everything seemed to trigger me during that time. I am African American and am learning that OCD does not discriminate on who it will affect. That is a very Beautiful picture of you two. Which one are you if you don't mind my asking? I don't even recognize my life anymore. Yes, it does try to keep us from living normal lives. Right now, I am just trying to understand this disorder and make the most of what is left of my existence. I was having a bad morning with my brain today on Christmas Eve. I just fight throughit!, to finish my day.😊

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I am a 66 male who has suffered from the same exact condition you have. This is my OCD. Others wash hands, have other thoughts but mine is the rituals I gave to do to not feel like something bad is going to happen. I just retired. I was very sussessful as are many OCD people. But the daily rituals are no fun and in fact very sad. I have to count or touch it tap things three or four times for an hour if it takes that long to feel I will be ok and none of my family will be hurt.

I have been able to hide mine from most everyone but my close family. I finally decided about 6 months ago to seek help. After counseling and research, I have as a college broadcast professor for 36 years. I have tried med a few years ago it worked some what but I game it up for no reason other than I hate meds. Which is stupid. After counseling I am convinced that taking meds CAN help lessen or stop the desire to do you habits, rituals. I started stetroline and it is working. It is a chemical imbalance in my opinion and others. The Behavior treatments only mad me worse. I have a daughter who has a mild bi-polar issue starting at 23. She is 26. They are giving her sane med as mine plus others and it has helped. Please see you medical doctor and ask for meds to take to help with this brain chemical imbalance. Please let me know via this site how you feel in a month. It can make you life much better quickly. I truly believe meds and support from family can make the difference. If you are married your husband needs to be told what you are dealing with is a disorder like diabetes and you need treatment. If you are not married your mom is always a best friend. God Bless you and let’s get you better.

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