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Post by MPN-MATE Admin » Tue Apr 06, 2021 5:20 pm

Evening all... :D

Sorry my time on the boards these days has been somewhat restricted of late... But I have been rather preoccupied...

Here is the latest Update for the Sydney to Coffs Harbour "Cycling For A Cure" MPN RIDE, that will commence as of this Saturday, April 10.

Initially, we will set out from Castle Hill Showground, as originally planned by say 9AM, in time to meet up with Stage1 Riders who are planning on tackling a Mangrove Mountain Climb with me for the Stage1 Ride, (it's a really tough climb...) :<[

This event will now commence from the Wiseman's Ferry location that was hit very hard by the recent floods, and just our starting there might help a little with visitors slowly returning, as the big mop up continues no doubt...

Here below is a copy of some local Press from the Hills Independent News Paper for April 2021

To all of you who have supported us in anyway to see this event take place, please accept our gratitude, and thank many thanks for your generous donations.

For anyone wishing to contribute, please follow this Link to our "Giving To MPNs Page", thank you all so much:

Stay safe & well...

Best wishes


For & On Behalf of MPN-MATE RF Committee

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Good luck Steve, you are doing something amazing. Maz x

socrates_8 in reply to Mazcd

Hey Maz... :-)

Thanks for all your support...

You are an angel Maz...



Good luck with it Steve, hope it all goes well for you. Shows you have great strength of character. All the best. Janice

socrates_8 in reply to bruddery

Hey Janice... :-)

Really appreciate your support...

Best wishes


This is fantastic! Hope it all goes well!

Thanks Jennie...

Just three more sleeps ... 8-)

Best wishes, & stay safe & well...


Good luck Steve - and thanks for what you are doing for the MPN causeAnna x

socrates_8 in reply to S031251

Hey Anna... :-)

Thanks for your support...

Stay safe & well...


The very best of luck for the cycle Steve! 👍💪🏾Ettiel

socrates_8 in reply to Ettiel

Cheers Ettiel... :-)

It will prove an interesting adventure too I hope, as we will be passing through many of the small towns & communities recently adversely affected by all the Flooding in coastal NSW

Hopefully we will share some pics as we go etc...

Appreciate your support...


Ettiel in reply to socrates_8

Please do Steve. Sounds like an amazing adventure as well as the excellent promotion for the MPN cause! 👍🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️Ettiel

Good luck Steve - wonderful!

Please post some pictures or a link of the event if possible

socrates_8 in reply to Dovme

Hey Dove... :-)

Hope you are travelling along ok too...

Yes, will be endeavouring to share some pics along the way buddy... 8-)

Stay safe...


Best of luck Steve, it's amazing what you're doing for us.

socrates_8 in reply to champ30

Cheers Champ... :-)

You're making me blush!

Better to be doing something positive, is it not...?

Awareness is so important down under too... MPNs are all but unknowns...

Best wishes


Good luck Steve! What a wonderful thing you are doing. Keep safe and well. 🚴‍♀️ Fran

socrates_8 in reply to azaelea

Hey Fran... :-)

Thank you so much for your support, it is all so nice to receive so many well-wishers for what we are trying to achieve by this Fundraiser & MPN AWARENESS event.

It would be nice if doctors knew what MPNs were, before I had to inform them... ;-)

Stay safe & well Fran...


Well done Steve to have got this off the ground, even with COVID to contend with. What determination! Lots of luck on the ride.

socrates_8 in reply to Bluetop

Thanks Bluetop... 8-)

It has taken over a year to return to a Starting position for the "Cycling For A Cure" event...

First NSW suffered from a severe drought, followed by fatal bush-fires, then CV–19, (which in turn closed all the borders), and most recently the entire east coast (almost), was inundated by the worst floods I have ever known of in my lifetime...

What a year and a half hey...! Unbelievable, though it has all happened just the same...

Much of our original planned RIDE Stages were mostly under water, for some time... There may yet be a few required Route changes, but we are FINALLY on our way... YAY! 8-)

I won't be winning any land-speed records however, I think I will do okay all the same... :-)

Best wishes, stay safe & well...


Bluetop in reply to socrates_8


Good luck Steve! Go, go, go!!!

socrates_8 in reply to Misty-3

Hey Misty... :-)

Thanks so much for your generosity & support too...

Some great news this AM, as I have just discovered that we can travel through Wiseman's Ferry, across the River and up Mangrove Mountain for our Stage1 RIDE... YAY!!!

We're all Booked in and ready to roll... 8-)

Best wishes, stay safe & well...


Will be rooting for you and sending encouragement from the other side of the world, fantastic challenge you have set yourselves, on behalf of all of us, much much thanks!!! xxx

socrates_8 in reply to Minu68

Hey Minu... :-)

Thanks so much for your support...

Stay safe & well...


Good luck, Steve, and thanks for all you do for the mpn cause. It sounds like an extremely challenging ride and I admire your fortitude and drive to find a cure. You are an inspiration to us all. By the way, I would like to donate, but I can’t figure out how to do it. If you could pm me, that would be great.

Best wishes for a safe ride.


socrates_8 in reply to Cja1956

Hey Cindy... 8-)

Very cool to hear from you too... I will PM you shortly to show you how to send through your contribution, (thank you...)

This is the Link Page, and I believe that the easiest way from the USA, is by using a Pay Pal account to make the transfer...

Stay safe & well Cindy



PS. Every dollar is most welcome of course... 8-)

Outstanding! Hope the ride goes well.

Hey Steve... 8-)

Cheers buddy... Madly trying to square everything away... My once acutely aware mind is no longer the sharpest tool in the shed... Unfortunately... ;-)

Stay safe & well my friend...


Goodluck Steve! I'm glad that all your plans now seem to be falling into place for stage one. Great news! Have a great cycle. B X

socrates_8 in reply to EmeraldA

Hey Brona... :-)

Thank you for all of your support & generosity... It really does make a difference receiving the backing of one's peers...

Yes, and it's about 01:30AM here & I have just finished doing my packing in anticipation of collecting our Motor Home in the AM for loading etc...

Absolute bedlam here, and I am exhausted but really happy to finally feel all of this coming together... Fingers crossed of course...

Thank you Brona... 8-)

Stay safe & well...

Best wishes