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ET or PV with just a slight increase in red blood cells. Is that possible


Hello wonderful people. I was diagnosed with Jak2 positive at age of 32 (couple months ago). Allele Burden %10. Only aspirin. I reviewed old lab tests and they all show high platelets (400-500) hgb (16.5 limit for males is 17.5) red blood cell count (5.5 to 5.8 limit for males 6) hct 47-49 (51 upper limit). So my red blood cells are in range (upper limit) but according to WHO 2016 guidlines for mpns, PV diagnoses is hgb > 16.5 for men or HCT > 49. So i am boderline on that as well. And i really do think those guidlines are a bit low since any person (male) can have them since they are within normal ranges.

So my question is, is it possible to have PV is such numbers? Is it Normal for ET to have such numbers? I am totally confused at the moment.

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Hi Joe1117, how are you? I’m like you diagnosed a few months ago at of age 32 as well! I have PV but borderline as well (my HCT was 0.48, HCT 16)! My allele burden is 12%, my BMB confirmed PV as well but still borderline. My Doctor who’s specialized told me that I’m somewhere between ET and PV. I hope you are coping well! For me it was hard at the beginning but now I’m accepting the fact that I have it and just living with it :) good luck

Joe1117 in reply to Yarw

Hi Yarw . Exact same scenario. But i had a heart attack few months ago. Which led me to this diagnosis. Its hard since we are young. But its also a bonus for us since we might be here once they come up with new meds. Are you on any meds?

Yarw in reply to Joe1117

I’m so sorry to hear about your heart attack! And I’m not on any medication! My platelets are around 650. Got diagnosed through a regular blood check for a strep throat :) so wasn’t expecting it at all!

Joe1117 in reply to Yarw

What led you to diagnosis? Platelets?

I have CALR ET and I used to have high hematocrits in the beginning. They leveled off and became normal over the yeah you can have a high hematocrit with ET.

Joe1117 in reply to clubdino

Interesting. Thanks for sharing

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