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Suspected bone pain in 31 year old male.

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Help. My doctor doesn’t think the pain in my hip and down my upper legs is cancer related. I was diagnosed with PV earlier this year. I’ve been having it for at least 4-5 years now. My doctor is an idiot when it comes to PV and it’s symptoms. I think she just reads shit out of an outdated book tbh.

Like right now I have horrible pain in my right hip bone. Like on my lower back region. She won’t even give it a look. And I can not afford another doctor

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Well,I have ET but it started with pain in the right hip side.Now it is left side and lower back sometimes. I told my doc it is related and she agreed. Everytime I see her and comment on sideeffects she writes it down and next time I see her,she asks about it again and comment about it.She is interested.

Sorry you doc isn't the best... maybe recommend this forum?

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Maybe I should

It might be time for another opinion, Cambrook. I’m newly diagnosed PV, and have had Arthritis pain for years. My back and hip pain became extreme. Six weeks of physical therapy didn’t help. Then we found my Vit D was low, and after 3 weeks the pain is much better. I’m not suggesting that is your issue, but a fresh look might be in order. Please don’t let anyone dismiss your pain. Hip/back/knee pain are all connected via nerve pathways. Good luck!

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By the way, hip pain can present in many ways, including on the bone, on the side of the hip and down the inside or outside of the thigh. Best ~

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