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Hello everyone just a question I have ET, I restarted Hydroxycarbamide 2 weeks ago I only take it Monday to Friday, I was diagnosed last year but it didn't agree with me, and was put on other meds. So far so good this time. Any way I have a question, I have been to my daughters today. She has rung me tonight my grandson is covered in spots, looks like chicken pox, just need to know if being around my grandson today I'm ok.

Many thanks


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Hi Linda, this has cropped up before for PV. I think so long as you are otherwise healthy and have had CP before it shouldn't be an issue. Though there may be a possible issue with shingles but I don't know for sure.

By coincidence I had to steer clear of a young girl in the supermarket who my wife knew as she was covered in spots. Because when I had my SCT it wiped out my childhood injections /immunity. I will need the injections again once off immuno-suppressant drugs.

Enjoy your time with your family. Chris

linphy in reply to JediReject

Thank you, I rang haematology last night they said as long as I am feeling OK nothing to worry about

It's ok you can't get shingles from anyone. I typed chicken pox into our search box and a few related responses came up, so all should be ok with your Grandson fix. 😃

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