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ET and travel insurance (Australia)


Hello, I am new to this forum and am very pleased to have found it to talk with others with similar issues. I was diagnosed with ET 3 years ago when i was 44 and have had several complications since, including Portal Vein Thrombosis which led to extensive varices (and resulted in an oesphiceal bleed), an enlarged spleen (which i have recently had removed) and subsequent blood clots from the operation. I have a few but not insurmountable side effects and I am very active (although not as energetic as i used to be). I plan to travel to Italy later this year to walk for 5 weeks on a pilgrim trail but cannot find travel insurance for my pre-existing conditions. I live in Australia and was wondering if there are any other Australians on the forum who may have had similarexperiences and might be able to help. Thank you

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Hi there...

Your story sound a bit like mine. I live in UK and I have been able to find a travel insurance, an annual and world wide one as well, but at a cost. So sorry, I can't help.

Gabbo in reply to Swede

Hi Swede thank you for your reply. that is comforting to know that you have been able to get travel insurance.

Hi Gabbo

Welcome to the forum. I hope you find it as useful as I do. Lots of solid information and friendly fellow MPNers. Can’t help with insurance, as I live in England and the company who don’t seem fazed by MPNs and pre existing conditions only insure UK residents Staysure is the company ( found through this forum) Hope a fellow Aussie can help you

Hi Rachelthepotter, thanks for your reply. I have found the site useful already. Cheers

I use Staysure when I travel as they are one of the insurance companies who cover pre-existing conditions. There are quite a few similar insurance companies out there who will cover you. For long haul, it may be pricey but I'd rather have peace of mind to be honest. I fell ill when I travelled to NYC not long after I was diagnosed and because I had full cover, everything was taken care of including a two night stay in hospital. I even take out insurance when I travel to Europe and obviously it's much cheaper. Ensure you list every condition you have, even if you think it's not worth a mention, it is!

just tried they refused

really? they refused to insure you? How odd. I've used them twice now the most recent being last September when I went to Greece.

Hi forwardoch, thank you for replying. I dont think staysure insure in Australia but i will kep looking. Cheers

tried refused

piggie50 in reply to Shelly1960

Which MPN do you have Shelly? I’ve used Staysure for the last 10 years for both one off trips and annual cover. I have PV, rheumatoid arthritis and hiatus hernia. Also a fractured elbow 2 years ago. Maybe the refusal is for something other than your MPN. Have you asked them? It may help to know the reason if you are shopping around.

Best wishes


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