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In 2008, my CBC test shows, HB - 17.7 and HCT 51.2 and RBC 5.62 and after two year in 2010 my CBC test shows, HB - 19.5 and HCT 56.2 and RBC 6.12

Then I Have gone for JAK2 and not deducted and erythropoietin is normal. But I have been informed by hematologist that I am under PCV. Thereafter past seven years I am drawing my blood 3 to 4 times year but no any symtoms. How can long go with this condition?

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people can go for decades with PRV (polycythaemia rubra vera) without problems, but it's not guaranteed. Your Hb and HCT look to be a bit high: you might want to discuss with your haematologist as this can carry a risk of stroke, especially if you are over 60. Are you on low dose aspirin? Or hydroxycarbamide?

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Hi I asked Prof Harrison for you and she has said:

Advise to ask the haematologist for more precise diagnosis…

I hope this helps. Best wishes, Maz

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Im new to this just got the diagnosis and waiting referral to hemo. Dr.


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