Living with MPNs conference: A fantastic event!

Living with MPNs conference: A fantastic event!

I want to add my heartfelt thanks to MPN Voice for organising the fantastic Living with MPNs event at the BMA on Saturday 18th Nov. Everything about the event was great. It was amazing to meet the superstars of the MPN world in person and be able to chat and ask questions: a unique experience. The consultant talks were brilliant, the patient experiences were heartwarming and the nurses testimony encouraging. The panel discussions were excellent, both in the main conference and in the PV group I attended. The venue was fabulous and the catering very well organised. The conference packs were superb, with clear name badges, notebook and the 'who is who' page with photos and names of speakers: a brilliant idea! I met some lovely people at lunch and breaks and wished I had time to speak to more fellow patients and say hello to Maz! It was also the cheapest conference I ever attended! My only suggestion for the future is to include a dedicated hashtag for twitter users. Thank you to MPN Voice, Maz and my amazing consultant Professor Claire Harrison. Susana x

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  • I loved that slide in Prof Claire Harrison’s presentation, with the timeline of when key events happened for MPN. This shows how fast research is moving.

  • Yes, it is a great slide! Also highlights the huge advances in the last 10 years since the gene mutations were discovered. Hoping for many more entries on the right hand side, including the 'personalised medicine' that the experts repeatedly mentioned at the conference, and eventually a cure 😊. X

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