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Live streaming of the MPN Voice Living with MPNs Day – registration details Saturday 18th November 2017, 9 am – 4 pm GMT

We are very pleased to announce that the Living with MPNs day will be streamed live online, and we will also have a video our website for you to watch at any time, available mid-December. We are also extremely excited that this means that many patients across the world will be able to view the event, for example in Egypt the video will be translated into Arabic.

Register for the live streaming

We are very excited that by streaming the day, live, it will mean that those of you who cannot attend in person will now be able to join us, via the internet. To register for the live streaming click on this link:


you will be redirected to the Zoom online registration page, once registered you will receive all the details you need to join us on the day.


A copy of the programme is available here... mpnvoice.org.uk/documents/f...

Please note that the afternoon session ‘breakout groups’ will be a closed session and will not be filmed or streamed and will not be available on the video.


The programme will include a panel discussion during the morning session, the panel will be answering questions from the audience, this will also include questions from the online audience. The panel will endeavour to answer as many questions as they can during the session, however, due to time constraints it will not be possible to answer every question live, all questions will be answered by email during the day.

All questions should be emailed to info@mpnvoice.org.uk they can be sent in before or during the event DO NOT POST YOUR QUESTION ON THIS PAGE OR THIS FORUM. Please be aware that the panel/medical team cannot comment on or reply to individual cases, do not send in any test results with your questions, replying to questions on the day is not an alternative to your ongoing medical relationship with your own consultant or GP, so do try to ask general questions and don’t be disappointed if the panel/medical team do not give specific medical advice to you. The panel will only use first names when replying to questions live, i.e. Joe from the UK has asked....

If you do not wish your question to be replied to during the session please indicate this when sending it in.

We do hope that you will join us on the day so that it will truly be an international MPN event.

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Great to see that a video will be available.




Hi Maz, I won’t be able to watch the ‘live stream’ due to family visiting that week. Will it be available to watch at a later date?

Thanks Mary


hi Mary, yes as I said there will be a video available on our website, hopefully mid-December so you will be able to watch it at your leisure. Maz

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Thanks for pointing that out Maz.


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