My husband has never acknowledged hisPRV. Hes very lucky is on hydroxy and suffers virtually no symptoms or side effects and counts are very stable. When first diagnosed it really knocked him and i was the one that did the investigating to see what lifecwas going to hold for him. He was very wie is me about it. 4 years on he lives with it, hates taking the pills, still wont read anything about it and relies on info from me on a need to know basis. Nothing seems to make him happy and its having an effect on us. Anybody else associate depression (undiagnosed) with their condition?

Finally got him to go to GP last week and although he hasnt said depression has given counsellor to contact

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  • Hi,

    it sounds like you’re husband hasn’t quite come to terms with his diagnosis, hence the off load on to you. This is clearly his coping strategy but at the same time is negatively impacting you.

    I don’t suffer from depression but I totally understand why others might. I wonder if you could convince him to go to an MPN forum. I’m sure meeting others with PV would be therapeutic for you both.

    Mary x

  • Depression. Your suggestion of attending forums sound like a good idea. MY problem is actually getting there as I don't have the. Energy and no means of anyone driving me. I was diagnosed in2014 with Et. JAK ? and a waiting fo the results of further tests" I still haven't come to terms with my diagnosis and spend huge amounts of energy looking for a way to understand and accept it.Still feels pretty grim.

  • Thank you but I dont think he would do that. Seriously he wont even open the envelope when it arrives from the hospital!

  • Macmillan used to offer (free) counselling to anyone with cancer

  • Hello, I am so sorry to hear this, it does seem to be affecting you as well quite a lot, hopefully with some counselling your husband may be able to cope better with his diagnosis and the impact that it is having on his daily life and then maybe understand more how it is also affecting you. Encourage him to contact the counsellor and speak to someone about how he is feeling. It might also help both of you to have a buddy each to talk to, it may help your husband to be able to talk to someone who has PV and who will understand how he is feeling, and it might be easier for him to talk to someone he doesn't know. And a buddy may help you as well. If you would like to have a buddy for you or your husband please email me at Best wishes, Maz

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