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Hi not sure if anyone can help. I have ET Jak 2 +. I was diagnosed 8 years ago and am on 500 Hyderabad daily and aspirin. I have Barrett's Osoephagus and recently had severe reflux. My latest gastroscope showed acute gastritis At that time I was on clopidrogel. The consultant thought it was the cause of the problem and changed me to aspirin but I am still having a lot of trouble with pain. I wonder if anyone else had this problem and sny tips for easing it would be appreciated


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Hello Margo. You are not alone. I also struggle with gastro issues. Just when I think that things are under control...very stressful situations will cause my reflux to come back. For me, I take Prilosec for 10-14 days and this helps my system to calm down.

I have also found that one Dr. may not be fully aware of my diagnosis or my Hematologist's medical plan for me. Therefore, I try not to make any drug changes without involving my "medical team." For me that would be my hematologist, cardiologist, as well as my own research.

Gastro issues are horrible and I am sorry to hear of your struggles. Be strong and advocate for your Best Interest!


TxMimi5. Thanks for the reply. I will look up Prilosec. At the moment I would try anything to get some relief. I have found in the past that my go does not have experience of our issues and may not give the best advice. Keep well Margo


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