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Mr and Mrs Jack Spratt

I have always been the one feeling the cold and my hubby the opposite, opening windows, turning down the heating etc. Our roles have now reversed as he is on a blood thinning med and the one putting on an extra layer.

I have just spent a month in France in our camper van. I made sure to take my hottie to fill with cold water and just a cotton sheet for bed as I had been doing before we went away. I cannot understand why I have had the burning pokers in my feet while at home for months but not while I was away in a much warmer temperature.

I always wear slippers in the house at home. While away it was shorts, tee shirts and flip flops so instead of wearing shoes and socks (necessary for most in this changeable weather), I am wearing sandals out of doors and flip flops indoors. I am almost reluctant to give voice to the fact that I have not been awakened by the burning feet and been home almost a week. Fingers and toes crossed.

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