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Following my post from 3 months ago I must say the springtime has brought huge relief and I am back to normal. How strange this is! Why? Nothing has changed but the weather and we have central heating, wrap up well to go out in the cold. The itching too: no problem now, but I guess it will be back come winter. I do not get depressed in winter so I cannot understand this at all. I take Vit D supplements all year. Perhaps it is the pineal gland? Or maybe I have changed into a tree?

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Glad to hear you are much improved Lucieboo,! Sure Spring helps,nature reviving,lighter nights etc. Like you I must have a vit D supplement every 3 months,avoid the sun apart from mornings when outside with dogs ,horses and the work they involve as well as the great pleasure.I wonder if itching is improved as we wear lighter clothing? I have discovered too ,that cashmere is the only thing that does not make me uncomfortable,and only pure cotton and silk,we bought silk bedding this winter and that has helped my skin.How is your new dog,We have chosen a new puppy too,the gap of losing the other dog was too much to bear,so looking forward to him being 8 weeks and bringing him home.My blood is not good and a couple of other weird probs shown up,but this strange maladie of ours ,sure we must keep looking forward to pleasant and good things so the mood overcomes the disease!!!Keep as well as you are,very best Sally


Thanks for your reply. We have an old dog, on her last legs, don´t know how she keeps going, the other two are fine and lively. They keep me walking which is good. Husband of Pilates teacher, who takes Boot Camp, suggests I have reptilian blood, hence the winter slow-down: interesting idea!


For some reason ,thought you had a young dog from a local farmer,anyway,still glad your fatigue has gone,getting very warm with us,need to walk really to you .Sally


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