Red, Itching Outer Ears?

It's been awhile since I've posted. Over the past week I have developed itchy, warm ears but just the cartilage..not inside. I'm not sure if it's allergy, infection, or ET related? The skin looks scaley and dry too. I took some Zyrtec ( antihistamine) and it helps a little. Has anyone experienced this? Its both ears. Platelets 797 last check 😕

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  • I've had itchy hands and feet but not ears. Hope someone on here can advise you. X

  • Hi Jennifer, are you on HydroxyCarbomide for your ET? If so, would strongly advise a check with your GP as it can cause skin cancer. If your not on hydroxy then I don't know what could be causing your problem. Hope someone can answer your question for you, good luck

  • Had dry itchy ears since well before being diagnosed with Jak2+ PV three years ago. It is often accompanied by small white crusty bits, but never that bad. one Hydroxy a day has made no difference. I consider myself fortunate not to suffer from the usual after bath itching problems as I really enjoy a hot bath.

  • Not on any meds other than aspirin. And my whole body doesn't itch, just ears are warm and itchy. I have a history of eczema but it's been a long time since I've had a flare...literally a decade maybe. I guess I 'll have to go to the dr 😕. Thanks for your replies!

  • Hi

    I get flaky skin in my ears too, i do have a history of psoriorsis so i have just assumed related to that. Maybe worth getting your GP to take a look.

    All the best.


  • Mine are warm to touch. I keep hoping they'll find some more benign reason for my high platelets but I'm JAK2+.

  • Eczema type conditions would inflame the skin and make them warm to touch maybe? I certainly would not rule it out, especially as eczema can be triggered by many things including stress, maybe the worry of your diagnosis has had an effect too? These things get us in different ways.

    I use a cream for my psorisis and when my ears are bad i do pop a bit on a cotton bud and rub it round the out skin area (not inside) and this does seem to help.

  • Hi Jennifer someone else had the itchy thing also on a forum in the US. My skin is super dry and my counts were last one 858. Thanks for your response to the thyroid, it could be that also. I have tried Claritan and Allegra for allergy people say the best is zrytec but it makes me very sleepy think I will try it tonight.


  • Zyrtec is supposed to be nondrowsy but a side effect is drowsiness? Go figure!!

  • Also Jennifer I do that get that warm feeling in my ears and my face so I don't think it is anything unusual.

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