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Happy Christmas to all!

So here we are it's Christmas Eve and this years almost done

We've laughed, we've cried and tried our best our trials to overcome.

I've coffee'd with my my new friend Pam and now our JR's back

We're glad you're on the mend JR - getting yourself on track.

Our journeys have been different and yet they're all the same

Our MPN's unite us and good health is our aim.

It's almost 2017 and with new year there's hope

Let's see what comes from research eh - new things to help us cope?

What will 2017 bring?

Huge breakthroughs is my hope.

Now as the old year ends for us and new year Champagne's popped

I'd like to send my love to you all

And to Maz and HealthUnlocked

Let's fight for us and for the cause and give each other hope

Let's stand up strong and bear the load if one of us can't cope.

Let's be the best that we can be for us and for each other

Let us unite in the new year

Blood sisters and blood brothers.

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I like that we're blood brothers and sisters- very appropriate 😄😄


Dear Sand-Dancer, thank you for the wonderful poem. You're quite good and I love the upbeat nature and emphasis on our supporting each other. I think this is a remarkable forum. We all care deeply for each other. Happy Holidays. Katie


Hi Sand-Dancer, I love your poem - what with you and Chris being so poetic I think the rest of us had better go to classes to get in the act! Imagine that, everyone posting on here doing it in rhyme. Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and healthy 2017, Cheers Sandra

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Smashing ryhme there sand-dancer, , with a great message. . Love it. I too hope there are new break throughs in 2017. . And my thoughts go out to those of you who are not feeling well, waiting on results or facing medication changes. . I know how daunting it can all get. Please try and remain positive and give things a chance to make a difference. I have been on treatment to zap my white cells for 9 mths and it's hard to tell if it's making any difference thus far. But I have faith.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sand-dancer . . . Chris x


And the same to you Chris x


Thank you for such an inspirational poem. It makes such a difference to stick together. My wish is that all of you who are not feeling well, recover to face the New Year with faith and hope. Whilst we are breathing and kicking hope is always our support. See you all in the New Year! x


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Awwww Lesley what a lovely poem

Your so good at that , & it was so lovely of you to put me into your script 😜

I really enjoyed our time together & hope there's more to come .

Hope you & your family had a lovely Christmas , & I hope 2017 is a happy & healthy one for you all

Love Pam 😘

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