Hi all, I have never been one for taking vitamin supplements however, I am now considering taking a vitamin d or cod liver oil supplement in the belief that it may help my bones long term as regards to age related diseases such as arthritis/osteoporosis.

My question is, does anyone know if there are any contraindications in taking the above supplements in regards to an MPN diagnosis and secondly, in regards to taking aspirin and hydroxycarbamide?


Mary x

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  • Hi Mary, I will check for you. Maz

  • Hi Mary im taking vit D from my Gp im showing signs of osteoporis so i would say its okay ,im on Asprin and Hydroxy if this helps best wishes Holly

  • Hi. I've taken D3 and calcium supplements for years before and since my ET diagnosis. No one has told me to change but am interested to know what Maz learns. Katie

  • Hi I'm taking vitamin d and aspirin. I was told by my haematologist that it was ok. He only advised not to take iron supplements

  • Hi Mary - I take Clopidogrel.

    I also take Vitamin D3, Vitamin C 1000mg and Magnesium with Zinc - all approved by my Haemotologist.

    I also have the OK from my Haemotologist to take Turmeric twice daily.

    I'm JAK2+

    Hope this helps 😊

  • I will be interested to know which supplements are ok with PV

  • make sure the supplements don't contain iron!

  • I lived in Spain for 3 years and my ET brings anaemia with it (deep joy!) My doc prescribed 80mg iron every other day - I have the same now I'm back in the UK and my Haemo wants me to carry on with it. As long as you are regularly checked and you take a prescribed dose iron isn't harmful to us. Although as I say, its best to check with your specialist as to whether you need it or not x

  • Hi Mary, I have checked with Prof Harrison for you, she said it will be ok. Maz

  • Thanks🤗

  • Hi Mary. I have had PV for at least 12 years.

    My husband and I take cod liver oil capsules and green tea extract daily and have done for years. I also take aspirin and Hydroxycarbomide. I drink plenty of water and Just no iron supplements 😀 Lesley x

  • Thanks Lesley, much appreciated.

    Mary x

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