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Long term travelling with MPN

Hi all,

My Fioncie and I are interested in an extended period of travel for our honeymoon. Something in the region of 6 - 12 months. There are a few financial and other such blockers but the major thing hanging over the idea is can I be away from my Haem that long. (I know i should talk to her but my next apointment isn't for months).

I am 24, low risk group, taking asprin and have an occasioanl venisection. I am otherwise healthy, I'm currently have a 2 month follow up but that will be increased to 3 months if all is well at my next apointment.

Has anyone else done any kind of travelling after diagnosis? What precautions did you take. Is it possible to get blood counts/ venisections in other countries?

On a related note we have considered living aborad for a year of two, somewhere like NZ or Canada. Has anyone else done something similar and how easy was it to continue being treated?

Thanks all

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Hello Matt, I would advise that you speak to your haematologist about this, maybe you could ask for your appointment to be changed, or if that isn't possible perhaps you could write to your haematologist for some advice.

Good luck with all the travelling and the wedding. Maz



Sounds exciting.

I wouldnt worry about having to wait for your next appointment, i would give them a call and see if you can get an early appointment.

As Maz says you need to discuss it with them, you need their support and backing to travel or any insurance would potentally be invalidated.

All the best



hi NZ seems straight forward. my sister in law who is a kiwi, arranged for me to have blood tests via her GP and my haem was happy to advise by email. not sure how u set this up if no kiwi relative but u can get a blood test there on demand for a modest fee. to be honest, i'd start with your haem.



Contacting haematologist is necessary to get a covering letter to explain your condition and treatment. It needs to include direction on when you need a venesection (if and when you do) . without this you will have great difficulty getting treatment when travelling. It should also request a blood test. you can decide when you might need one but with this info in an official letter from the haematologist you are prepared. have email contact with him or his department active in case you need it.

I have travelled extensively with PV and since I need more monitoring than you I have an idea what to do. First I go to local doc with my letter and get him or her to ok a blood test. agree on where results will be sent, ie email, but also collected from his office. If you need venesection you need a referral to local hospital haematology department, appointment with haem who can order venesection (sometimes needing a lot of persuasion). agree with the plebbotamist beforehand how much she will take. Once I didn't and she took 600ml.!

The info above is the standard approach. depending on where you are it may be different. I have been treated in NZ and Australia and Middle East. have fun. contact me direct if you want more info.

And insurance. have you declared it?



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