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Bone Marrow Biopsy on Warfarin

Pick your brains, please? I'm PV for at least 6 years; diagnosed after repeated DVTs while warfarinised. I take a daily dose of 9-10mg warfarin; INR target range 3-4. Now I'm to have a bone marrow biopsy to test for MF. So there is a a risk of bleeding, but I can't risk coming off anti-coagulants. Has anyone else gone through this procedure, and what steps did you take?

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hello Robin, your haematologist should advise you about your warfarin before he/she undertakes the bone marrow biopsy and will also advise you if there is any risk of bleeding. I hope it all goes well for you. Maz


I have been having regular bmbs for many years and have been on Warfarin for the past eight of them. It is very important to speak to your Anti-Coagulant department about when they want you to stop taking Warfarin before the bmb and how you are to be phased back onto it. They are the experts in this field. For example, on my the last bmb I was told to stop Warfarin for 3 days before and then re-start by self injecting a blood thinner daily for about a week after the bmb. After that I was told to go back onto Warfarin with regular blood tests to check that my INR was getting back to normal. I recently had Endsocopies and the Plan was similar. Obviously each Plan has to be personalised depending on a patient's conditions, results etc. I hope this helps. My INR range should be 2-3 and dosage is 3 mg Sun and 4 mg rest of the week.


I was diagnosed with PV as a child and like you have undergone multiple PEs. I have been Rx'd 500 mgs Hydroxyurea, 0.5 mg Anagrelide and 7.5 mgs Coumadin daily for years now. Whenever I need to undergo a medical procedure where Coumadin may cause issues I am prescribed Lovenox injections twice/day.


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