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Cancer ward closing at Bromley

Morning all, does anyone know that lives in the Bromley area or has read in the News Shopper about the closure of the Chartwell ward at Princess Royal Orpington to blood cancer patients, who are being transferred to Kings at Denmark Hill, and that in patients will be integrated into general wards?? Trying to find out, my Chemo nurse says that this is incorrect about blood cancer patients and it will be business as usual, but spoke with the paper and they say this was from the hospitals press office so it is correct??

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Hi Superwoman

I have ET and am an out patient at the PRU Orpington so would be interested know what is happening. I live near Maidstone so not aware of local Bromley news. My next appointment is 23rd March so I'll see if I can find out anything then.


Hi fellow ET sufferer, have since found out, and a retraction.

Was put in the paper to the fact that the Chartwell ward is closing, but people with blood cancers will be seen at Hametology Farnborough as usual. If by any chance you need to go in for any treatment this will now be at Kings Denmark Hill, which is a relief , as I have got used to seeing the doctors and nurses on a Wednesday all really lovely.

Good luck on the 23rd, let's hope results are good.



Hi Jean, thanks for the update. Glad to hear there is no change to out patient appointments. As you say, everybody there is lovely - I'm only on aspirin at the moment so don't see any of the chemo nurses yet.



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