Please please help Lump on the front of my ear ****

Hi all thank you for taking the time to read this. I am starting to get very worried 14 days ago I noticed a small pea sized lump on the side of my face attached to my jaw right next to my ear within a week it has grown quite bigger and now he's at the size of a grape maybe bit bigger I have tried to measure of it the best I could of am I my measurements it is 3 centimetres wide and to centimetres long it is also I would think it's. Around centimetre and a half tall... its don't hurt but is now causing me a huge pressure like pain on the side of my face is giving me a little bit of a headache I haven't been to the doctors yet because I'm a little scared I have read everything I can read on tumours I believe the tumor will not be cancerous as ice very rare but none the less it is a tumor and will have to be removed from my face due to the fact if it gets bigger that can corse I lot of problems with the nerves and could eventually turn into a malignant so how will have to have it cut out of my face which I'm very worrying and post the surgery could go wrong if they cut into the nerve on the face with a tumor is um I have looked at everything to see if it could be anything else like a cyst or mass of some sort of gland duct. But there's nothing else it could be don't get me warm as I said at the beginning I don't think it is cancer as that is very rare but they say he was a tumor at the end of the day does need removing as anyone else had this please please please help

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  • I know it's scary but you need to see a doctor straight away - they will reassure you if it is something benign and if any action is needed then it's best to do it sooner rather than later. Good luck..!

  • My husband has an appointment with a plastic surgeon today to see about having three skin cancers removed. He has already had one removed from his face. The surgeons are excellent and do it so its hardly noticeable. Its done as a day patient. Go to see your GP it will put your mind at rest.

  • You really do need to go and see a doctor for their advice, do not ignore this. Maz

  • You really MUST go the doctor! But take heart it might be a cyst! Fear can be defined as False Expectations Appearing Real. Go and see the doctor to know what you are facing. It might not be half as bad as you think. Google/self diagnosis can cause all sorts of unnecessary worries!

  • Hi,

    dont panic but I personally would get it checked out without delay by your GP - be reassured and very best of luck!

    Wishing you well


  • Thanks guys I will book a appointment and keep you posted x

  • Please see a doctor , we are all thinking about you, kind regards Aime xx

  • Hi. Am very sorry to hear what you're experiencing. Unfortunately I don't know anything helpful but encourage you to see a doctor immediately. If it needs removal it's easier when they're smaller. And maybe it's nothing to worry about and they can tell you how to treat it. Good luck. Katie

  • I have a condition where my gland duct gets blocked and it is painful. My brother had the same thing his got a stone lodged in it and it was extremely painful. It comes up right under the ear and we think it because we both have TMJ we get it. Don't wait though, nothing is ever worth waiting no matter how scared you are, it could be something minor. Good luck!

  • I have a appointment next week .... It is not painfull at all just pressure has got a lot bigger ppl have commented that my side of face looks swollen X very worried now xx

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