Big thank you to MPN Voice

Big thank you to MPN Voice

I had such a great day in London yesterday at the event organised by MPN Voice and Claire Harrison from Guys. I enjoyed every moment. So fantastic to meet fellow MPN patients. The presentations were really interesting and informative, I learned from them all but my favourite was Dr Bridget Wilkins explaining about our bone marrow and why the doctors need us to have the testing. She also took time to explain my blood test readings for me ! Thank you to everyone involved in making the day such a good one. I was completely and utterly shattered by the time I got home but it was all worth it. Thank you all again.

The photo below is of the great Reuben Mesa from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. I had heard so much about him from my American friends.

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  • I would just like to add my vote of thanks to everybody involved with the organising of the event. As always I found it very informative and I am just thankful for all the brilliant research that is being done to help us all. So well done Maz and Dr Claire Harrison et al.

    It was nice meeting people in the flesh, rather than via the ether. I was very tired afterwards, but that was because of having to concentrate all that time, so it was good and honest weariness.

    Best wishes and thanks to everybody


  • I also really enjoyed the very well run and organised forum in London on Sat. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to talk to many fellow suffers but it was somehow reassuring to see so many people, especially in the ET workshop, who have this problem and listen to their concerns. As a newly diagnosed patient I had many questions answered and I feel so happy that there are many dedicated specialists constantly researching to help us as much as they can. Thank You everyone.

  • A big thank you to everyone involved in participating and organising the London event. It is a real boost to morale, as well as being informative. The quickly re-located venue was amazing and the organisation ran like clockwork. The companionship of fellow patients, the medical experts who kindly made time to attend and give us a fresh insight and hope is priceless.


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