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So today I had my quarterly check up at Guys and although my results were pants, and a biopsy booked for blackness to the roof of my mouth and I have now been put back into the 5 weekly check ups I have to say how lovely everyone is. Today I saw Arif and he's great and all the lovely staff even through to the venesection area. I also met a lovely lady from Surrey who was there having her blood for MF and she really lifted me up today with her lovely nature and the chat she gave me. I didn't get her name but I was greatful for her being there today. Thank you Surrey lady. Whilst there I signed up to give my blood to research so they can find the causes and maybe a cure. I have holes in both my hands and arms but I do hope it's all going to be helpful. Now off to the sofa for rest and a treat. I hope everyone else is keeping well xx

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  • Hi Karen, , gee sounds like you thoroughly deserve your feet up and sweet treat. . Good thing you did offering your blood for scientific analysis and it was also good you bumped into 'Surrey Lady' (sounds like ancient bones that been dug up) , was she able to help you ? . Hope your biopsy results turn out ok , I must say a blackness to roof of mouth is new one on me. . .

    Like you I have nothing but praise for the staff at Manchester clinic who do their best for you all of the time even when the going gets tough. . Take care and enjoy your treat xx

  • Hey. Always good to hear from you. Are you doing ok and all good ? Xx

  • Aye I'm notsabad all told Karen, , feel ok but this transplant business is a funny old game Karen coz you just don't REALLY know how it's going even though you're home , feeling good , eating well , your waste system is working ok, because it's mainly all hidden deep inside of you and your just waiting for signals of recovery in your blood counts, immune system , BMB results, special tests to see how much of the donor is active within you, good organ function. .

    Bet you wish you hadn't asked, I don't do short answers LOL. . . Must admit my gouty foot is a bloody nuisance. . .

    Hope you are feeling ok in yourself x

  • I will always ask and look forward to your responses they also keep my and I think I can safely say a lot of people on here's spirits up as we are holding you in all of ours. You look after yourself and I look forward to your updates xx

  • I'm touched Karen, , Many thanks for the past few months. . . You're a top lass. . X

  • Chris, sorry to hear the gout is still causing you pain, it's horrible. Sending you hugs too. Aime xx😺

  • Thanks Aime, , yes my pain in ze foot is a pain in ze butt. . .Thanks for hugs they do help. . X

  • Sorry to hear your results weren't great Karen. They are fab at Guys aren't they! I had my first venesection there a month ago and they were lovely in the day unit. John managed to eventually get some blood out of me and patiently sat there for 45 mins feeding the blood down the tubes as it was getting stuck, he then even made myself and hubby a cup of tea!

  • John is the master at venesection a where the veins don't surface and did my a few times but Sinad beat them today bless her as when she sees me you can also hear her sigh lol xx

  • Hi Karen, hope test comes back okay for you . yes there are some lovely caring folk around and especially in hospitals , thats a good idea donating bloods for research . you spoil yourself and put your feet up and hope things turn out okay for you best wishes Holly x

  • Hi Karen

    Sorry your results weren't so good and hope the biopsy goes as well as can be expected .

    So nice that you had lovely people to pass time with it makes all the difference .

    Silver linings 🌈 X

  • Hi Karen, sorry to hear about your results and the biopsy, and hope you get some good news soon. Hope you enjoyed the treat.

    Karen x

  • Hi Karen, sorry to hear about your results and hope biopsy goes well. So glad there were nice people around for you at the hospital. Remember we are all here for you too. Sending you big hugs, enjoy your treat, it's well deserved! Aime xx😺

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