Hello everyone

Regarding hair.. My little treat is to have my hair coloured every two months at my hairdressers ; Was wondering if it's still ok to do this having et and on hydroxy ?

I know it's been asked before but can't seem to find the post relating to it

Also like to thank everyone for previous replies when I was first diagnosed which made me feel better , and to Maz who is so helpful.

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  • Hello jk1234, yes it is ok to have your hair coloured, as long as you/your hairdresser follows the advice about strand and skin tests. Best wishes, Maz

  • Thank you Maz. So helpful as ever

  • could you tell me what Strand and skin tests are? I have been getting hair for years and years. Thanks

  • if you use a home dye kit there should be instructions on the leaflet that advises you to carry out a hair strand and skin sensitivity test before you use the product, it means that you test the dye on a strand of your hair and also on your skin, usually behind one of your ears. These tests should be carried out to check whether or not you are allergic to the dye, if you go to a hairdresser to have your hair dyed they should also carry out these tests before using any dye. Maz

  • Thanks Maz is his just while on the meds or should this have been always. I go to my girlfriend who has never checked she just does roots and have been for 40 years so I guess I'm ok unless the meds do something????. Thanks

  • this is always even if someone isn't on any medication, they could still have an allergic reaction, but if on any medication, whatever it is for whatever condition, it would be wise to make sure that you don't have any allergic reactions.

  • Hey, I have avoided hair dye since I found out that even my so called more natural one was full of chemicals, and then to find out bladder cancer is also linked to chemical hair dye, but guess what, I found the most amazing home dye kit in a local health food shop. I have never done such a thing but I did and I am so glad I did, ok it's not 100% natural but what is, and also some chemicals are natural and ok just like some natural things are not good for you (think arsenic) however, it doesn't contain the main nasty one and is ammonia free too. Added bonus only abut £10 compared to paying over £80 for my old highlights! They had a good range of colours too. Hope that helps xx

  • Thank you .

    Will definitely have a look when I'm next in town as I wasn't aware they did such a thing and as you say it's definitely lighter on the purse too which is an added bonus .

  • do they have blue and purple? x


    Looks like they are doing a blue one!!! amazing xx

  • brilliant, thanks for letting me know. x x x

  • What's it called etc

  • Naturtint - here is a link although I got mine in Holland & Barrettt

  • I knew you would ask that Maz! Ha Ha.. not sure they do :) xx

  • Hi JK1234, I have ET and that was my first concern, but Maz is correct you must make sure that your hairdresser does a skin test if you are having colour put on just to be on the safe side, my hairdresser does my root colour then, after its rinsed off and dried, she uses an old fashion cap to do highlights works really well although I have to take a couple of paracetamol an hour before as it is a bit of a torture pulling the hair through but better than useing lots of chemicals in one go, always pleased with the outcome.💇

  • I feel so in tune now with you ladies , as I'm possibly go in to have to colour when my hair grows in , , very fine at mo but looking very grey, white sheen, , my few whiskers are also the same. . On some guys it looks distinguished but I reckon on me it will look extinguished. . Anyway interesting read girls. . Don't think i'll be doing purple xx

  • Go on Brave Jedi, go punk, have a really weird colour on your whiskers and tell people it's the medication that's caused it!


  • oh go on, go purple and blue like me, be daring. And for those of you who haven't met me, I do have blue and purple hair, and not just for Halloween! x

  • Wish I was brave enough for blue and purple , bet it looks amazing !

  • it's not being brave, it's because I am weird!!!

  • I have my hair coloured regularly. I used to do a whole head colour at home but I now have lots of highlights put in at the hairdressers via foils, that way the colour doesn't touch my scalp, and I can still cover up the grey hairs!! Costs more but you've got to treat yourself sometimes!

    Lizzie p

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