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food supplimemts for hair & Nails

Hi does anyone on here take vitimins of any kind , ? Even before i was diagnosed with This ET ja2, i seem to shedd alot of hair when shampooing or brushing it ! i spoke to my Gp about it and she looked at hair , didnt seem to concerned and put it down to age ( she saw it was thinning on crown ) being bit vain i went to see. Trichologist where i was told scalp healthy ,but although im not anemic or low in iron she wanted me to get blood test done to check Ferritin levels because being low in this can lead to hair loss in women ! medically my level of fine but for good hair it best to be around 50 60 so lady recommenend i take Florisene a multinutrient

( good reviews on line ) i checked with pharamist if okay with meds im taking he didnt see any interactions of any kind , so im taking the dose of 3 a day , but im wondering should i have checked with my heamatologist first my Gp said was okay to take a hair supplement and Zinc but this product doesnt have zinc in ! was just wondering medically that okay to take this type of thing with blood conditions im a worrier im afraid regards Holly

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HI Holly, it is always best to check with your haematologist when taking any supplements or vitamins, just to make sure they will be ok with your medication. Best wishes, Maz


Thank you Maz , yes have left message for heam to get back to me , i did wonder if i should check with her other than my pharmist ,so thank you for vonfirming this Holly x


Do you take HU - my hair has thinned and, having read the contra-indications, have decided it may be this.


No i dont take HU , my hair started thinning a while ago , but i see more on my pillow, of late and when i wash hair etc , so i thought i would try and do something about it before im put on HU, yes i know that can make hair thinner 😒


Hi Cat,

I wanted to encourage you to pay attention (as you have been, which is why you noticed the hair) to your body and experience as you try things. Paying attention has led me to discover many useful and sometimes esoteric things about myself. Some of them, no doctor would ever know because they are quite unique to me. If you take a small enough amount of anything, it won't hurt you, and in nearly all cases, you will notice (if you pay attention to yourself!) differences before any damage is permanent.

It is risky to "experiment on yourself" this way, and many here might say I'm preaching foolishness. Perhaps it it foolish to direct the attention of the single most knowing expert about your own body toward itself in the effort to understand how new things affect it, but I don't think so.

If you pay attention AND go slowly with anything new, you will find more success than otherwise.


Hi thank you dscotese, yes agree with you , i also spoke to my heam secatary yesterday to ask the Doctor to make sure its okay to take the suppliment ,thus far not heard back ,but then there all rushed of there feet at hospital nowadays . alot people are under the impression if what one is taking is herbal , or natural its always safe but not if your on medication from Gp etc , so yes i do get wary and mindfull of what happening and so forth best wishes Holly


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