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Stroke Recovery Community

Help yourself - Top tips for stroke recovery

1 - Repeat to rewire

To help your brain recover from a stroke, you need to activate neuroplasticity which helps the brain rewire itself. The best way to activate neuroplasticity is through repetitive practice.

2 - Eat right!

Nutrition is vital to a healthy and speedy recovery. Ensuring you are consuming fresh, whole foods will ensure you are filling your body with the right nutrients to help it recover and help prevent recurrent strokes.

3. Use it or lose it

If you stop using your affected limb, you may end up with the condition learned nonuse - where your brain actually forgets how to use the limb! Make sure you are moving the affected areas of your body at least a little bit every day to avoid this.

4 - Do your exercises - they really work!

Spasticity of muscles is a common and painful side effect. While pain medication can offer short-term relief, the best way to permanently reduce your pain is by doing your rehab exercises. These help your brain to gain back control over the affected muscles and reduce spasms.

5 - Get your Zzz’s in

Sleep gives your brain a chance to recover and process the information it has taken in during the day, which will help in improving movement recovery. It also helps to reduce irritability and fatigue - it’s a win-win!

6 - Look after yourself

Recovery takes time. You can’t do it all in a day. Make sure you give your body the time it needs to rest when you’re feeling tired, to understand it may not always be a smooth road and to ask for help and support when it’s needed.