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Older Ladies..

Problem is I have absolutely NO ONE to talk to. .everyone now thinks I have got over not having children ( the few I have ever told ) and the rest either don't care or think it was my choice ..I can't even get a dog as I work full time and on shifts ...oh Yeh. .happy new year. .lol...I mean I am grateful i have my own home and good health but its like I am stuck in my life , it's never had that normal momentum..children grandchildren...I still live in the same house I bought 27 years ago..I remember thinking one room would be perfect for a nursery! ! And yet I am scared of moving as it's my home and I feel safe there...

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Hi annier60 I'm so glad that you have found this forum but sorry to hear that you are suffering. I'm sure there are people on here going through the very same thing right now who will be in touch soon. if you want to drop me a line at cat@fertilitynetworkuk.org I can share some of the many useful websites and links to information that you will hopefully find useful. You can also sign up to our regular enews which comes to the privacy of your own inbox bringing you relevant support and inspiration for different stages of everything you are going through. This includes our new webinar series which I think you would find useful. I hope to hear from you soon,



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I really feel for you. I can only imagine how it must feel to have been dealing with this for so long. Personally I've only been on an infertility journey for 4 years, and that has been tough and draining enough. You deserve an award for dealing with this. I wish you all the best and hope you find happiness and fulfilment xx

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Thank you. .you too ..xx

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Hi annier60

I completely understand how you feel! I am 50 now and thought that time would heal my grief and loneliness of not being a mum...and yes, as you mentioned in your other post the realisation of also never being a grandma.

I wish I could give you some advice and consolation but my feelings are very similar to yours.

What I can do though is forward my number on to you if you wish.. I am more than happy to listen to you if you need to rant/shout/cry/swear and all the other emotions that come from being childless.

If you don't wish to then maybe you could find yourself a good counsellor (I'm sure you've been told this before) who you can chat to so you can get your feelings and emotions out when you need to. X

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