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Older Ladies

Hi...any older ladies on their own who are now dealing with the Gonna Be A Nanna issue ??

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No but this is a bit of a fear of mine so I’m interested to hear peoples coping mechanisms x


Hi I've recently become a great aunt, although i had fears as to how i would cope dealing with it, it has been fine. I'm pleased i have been able to have cuddle with my new great nephew without being in tears. It possibly helps that we live a distance away so I won't be seeing too much of him but buying presents for is not a problem. It's been nearly 9 years since ivf finished but it has taken this long. I can't say i would be any good with other babies but because he is family it does make that difference.

Not sure this is helpful to anyone, but it might reassure some. Tc.

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Thank you..I think it will be a similar situation for me .. x