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Couples meet up Kent

Hi all,

Coming to terms with life without children with my husband after failed fertility treatment in our early 30s. Wondered if there were any meet ups in Kent for couples? Not familiar with this forum so apologies if this has already been posted.


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Thanks for your reply Alessia, I appreciate you are trying to be kind but I all too often get reminded of our age. For us having a child of our own together was the dream and infertility has made this impossible, no amount of time is going to change this. As for treatment, having had treatment for 5 years, we were physically, emotionally and financially at breaking point. I wouldn’t say we have given up easily! It has been the hardest decision of our lives, we are still coming to terms with it and trying to move on but I think it’s the healthiest decision. There are things in life that are just outside our control, it breaks my heart but I also know that having a child is not the be all and end all. People can have meaningful and fulfilling lives with and without children, we just want to connect with like minded couples who are in the same boat.


Hi JFizzler

So sorry to read your story

There is indeed a regular meet up in Kent.

Not sure which part of Kent you are in, but this one is in North Kent

If you contact the MTL office, they’ll put you in contact with the county contact for that area.

May meet you soon!



Thanks for your reply Feline-Fan, that’s great news, we are in north west Kent. Xx

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Hi Otherhood I would be happy to put you in touch if you want to email me at cat@fertilitynetworkuk.org. I have a feeling we may have been in touch before - which is fine - just drop me a line and we can talk a bit more :)

Best wishes,



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