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Alcohol induced migraine


A few times over the yrs I’ve had a crushing headache within a few hrs of drinking a little alcohol (not every time) and as a light triggered aurora sufferer I didn’t even consider it to be a migraine but now I realise it is. Does anyone else suffer this? Any tips for prevention other than behind tea total? Is it just certain alcoholic drinks that do this?.

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Wine is the worst for me, especially champagne. If I drink vodka or other hard alcohol, I will eventually get a migraine, unless I'm dancing. Dancing seems to burn it off and I'm just fine. I don't drink regularly but when I do I end up taking a triptan at the first sign of pressure.

Hi. I’ve had migraine since aged 5 years but certain things seem to really trigger me including alcohol. I have found that I have a histamine intolerance and alcohol and histamine don’t go! Especially wine champagne and beer as well as a whole load of ‘good’ foods such as avocados strawberries spinach etc. It’s worth getting the blood tests done as there are things you can do to mitigate the problem. There are supplements you can take and also just having the knowledge about this enables you to take action. Hope this helps.

Depends if I'm having a flare up of migraine I become more sensitive but to be honest more than one glass of anything would probably trigger a migraine most times so I generally avoid it.

I was the same, sometimes as little as a half glass of lager or a mouthful of wine would trigger a migraine, yet other times I could down a skinful and just get the usual hangover. I just stopped drinking, I had kids anyway and always seemed to be on call for ‘taxi service’

Wine, especially red, in the evening seems to disturb my sleep and that in turn seems to cause a migraine. So I drink no red wine in the evening and am careful with the white. Lager is OK. At lunchtime red wine seems to be OK because I have time to work it off before bed.

I can’t drink red wine at all. My limit is two 150 ml glasses of either a very good white wine or champagne with at least 2 or 3 times as much water. Takes a lot of the fun out of having a drink, but I do like the taste! Anything else is a 24 hour migraine with sickness and agony. Unsurprisingly, I don’t drink much. I drive a lot...

Oops! This might have been a mistake for me to read this discussion because now I feel even more inadequate. :( I can very rarely drink alcohol (draft beer), maybe 3 times a year and it is only with a meal, and I need to 'feel' that it will be fine. That might sound far fetched, although doctors actually do believe me, but 1 sip of - lets say beer - has been enough in for me to get a full blown migraine within 10 minutes. I was told that 1 sip can be enough to widen the veins in the head within a couple of minutes. I'm not even talking about anything else such as wine or strong liquors. Just the thought of it gives me a headache. So, I invite all of you migraineurs, who can still have some alcohol on a regular basis, drink for me. :)

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I'm pretty much the same!

Yes. I don’t drink.

I go as low sugar as possible and can have a drink. But not much.

I do not drink alcohol of any type as all of it causes migraines of different types.

Hi, I had this for years it would also happen with no alcohol but alcohol was definitely one of the triggers. Mine turned out to be paroxysmal hemicrainia which is a similar and I believe in the same group as cluster headaches.

Thankyou everyone now don't feel alone. I've had migraine from age 5 and migraines most days all my adult life (hormonal) I have avoided drinking alcohol in all forms as it was also a trigger. I am now post menapause and had a 1/2 pt real ale Sunday night. Bad idea spent Monday in bed with Migraine

I have just found out I have migraine problems - had all kinds of weird stuff happening- alcohol being an absolute no no. I can't tolerate any - unless I want a banging head. Last time i had a gin and tonic I got really tired - fell asleep (not a large amount either!) Woke up an hour later with a banging head - took paracetamol - threw up (which I really can't do) and had to sleep with a cold towel on my eyes / head for the rest of the night. It's just not worth it to me now.

Emma - yes, this is common. I think you'll find that you'll have to give it up - sorry to be the bearer of bad news😞. I started drinking coke instead but my dentist moaned at me so now I drink low or zero alcohol beer and sometimes if I'm feeling really great and the weather is hot a small bottle of 2.5 % lager (Lidl). I'm so unaccustomed to it now that I can even feel that amount.

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