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Aimovig! Get my first dose tomorrow!


Ok, so this long awaited wonder drug is now available. After jumping thru just a few small hoops, Amgen is shipping me two months of this injection pen FREE. After that only 20$ copay at pharmacy. From what Amgen told me over the phone I'll get the pen Via FedEx tomorrow and inject myself. But they will send a nurse out to my house if I need help or have questions. All free from Amgen pharmaceutical. I'm at the end of a round of botox but i guess the neurologists at my dr's office are "weaning" patients off botox migraine therapy as they transition to the amovig. i don't see why that's necessary but will ask my neuro on my August 10 botox appointment.

Has anyone tried the Amovig yet? If so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'll definitely update a few weeks after I do the injection tomorrow to let y'all know what i think and how i feel.

YAY!! I really really hope this works!

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I have not tried that med but at this point willing to try. I will talk to my dr. Thanks for the post.

I originally posted here about my wife's migraines because she was on botox. Recently medical marijuana was legalized here and the results are miraculous. She is so much better and all her fibro and migraine symptoms are gone or mostly gone. My understanding is this new medication is based on the same CBD from the cannabis plant. I hope it works as well for you as the medical marijuana has for my wife. Please keep us posted.

I wish I could use marijuana, medicinal or otherwise but unfortunately my bipolar paranoia and anxiety kick in so it's not a good mix for me😕. I have been using a full spectrum hemp CBD oil called Ultra Cell which has 85% bioavailability and delivers 16.67mg full spectrum hemp cbd oil per 1ml dose. That's the highest bioavailability I've come across thus far. This is the absolute best cbd I have found and it is verified to have less than 0.0% THC prior to bottling. Not sure if it helps my migraines but I'll try just about anything to get rid of them.

I think there is some confusion as to what the Aimovig is. I encourage you to check out this site: to learn more about this med. The active ingredient in this med is erenumab-aooe. It's a CGRP receptor blocker and is so much safer than most other drug therapies for chronic migraine. I just started today with 70mg dose which comes in a prefilled autoinjector pen. Some people get prescribed a 140mg dose which is two injectors that you use at the same time. It's a once a month injection and is a migraine preventive as opposed to a rescue drug.

Amgen has a great patient assistance program that gives you the first 2 months free- shipped to your house- and will send a nurse to you if you need assistance or have questions. After the first 2months they have a copay program that can get you the med for as little as a 5$ copay. And I swear I'm not a drug rep lmao I've just been waiting for this med for almost a year and my neurologist got me real excited about it. I mean 34-38 shots in my head every 3 months or one injection a month?

Im all for natural and homeopathic therapies if they work for others and I wish like crazy they would work for me. I've tried everything before finally caving on the botox treatment. This chronic daily agony is awful.

Good luck to you and your wife! I will be updating while I'm on the med- if any adverse effects or-God willing- improvements happen. Cheers!

Please keep us posted on the CGRP injection...I too, have received a couple weeks ago....remaining hopeful and praying that it helps us all....!

Please can you tell what is the difference between all the CPRG injections. Thank you.

There’s an aimovig Facebook group with thousands of patients that are using it already, it’s a good place to share experiences.



I hope you have good luck with this new drug and will follow your updates.

Hello, can I ask, do you live in the UK and how were you able to get the new Amgen drug? Thanks

I’m taking it!!!

195fifi in reply to shoshrachel

i got my first aimovig injection 2 weeks ago .sadly no improvement but a lot of side effects. i feel completely exhausted nausea nightmares hot flushes and when i went for my 10 minutes walk as i had a tkr on right knee the muscles in my legs felt as if they were gone.i also got diarrhea some days.i would be very grateful if anyone could share their experience of aimovig (erenumab )for their migraines. i am in ireland.many thanks,195fifi.

How has Aimovig been for you? Its been a year since your post. I hope it's done wonders for you as it has for me.

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