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Fed up of feeling rubbish!

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Hi! I'm needing some advice on my migraines! I've suffered with them since I was about 10! I'm now 50! I have migraine nasal sprays! Stopped taking pitzofen after many years of being on them as side effects were bad! I'm now taking magnesium and B6! Any advice would be helpful! My social life and holidays are getting ruined by these awful headache's 😣

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Traceyjane their just bloomin aweful. I'm 52, had them since i was 12. Been on every treatment and prevention med, finally found my jaw was causing it. I get botox into my tmj and temple on the left and after 4yrs of solid migraines everyday!! I'm starting to see life can be better.

I have green migralenses on as soon as i wake and have hardly had an aura migraine in 6mths. I changed my diet totally ..

Hormones are kicking in but I'm still n top of it.

Removing sugar was the biggest difference.

Good luck.

Traceyjane66 in reply to Cally01

Thanks for your reply cally! Means loads! Glad your getting sorted! Since joining this site I've discovered there's so many different migraines! Don't know where to start with trying to work out which is my type! I take soluble Solpadol and nasal sprays for relief but been on these years so don't think they work well anymore! Can't remember a day in haven't taken pain relief! Think its time to go back to docs! I'm going through menopause to! God help me lol 😈😒😀

Cally01 in reply to Traceyjane66

Yeah 😣 perimenopause πŸ‘. It's definitely brutal 😣. I went cold Turkey from everything, it was hard and agony but it sorta restarted my pain levels and helped me reduce triptans.

Yeah get back to the doc you need a diff triptan 😘

Traceyjane66 in reply to Cally01

Thanks again for reply Cally. What other triptans are there? I've only had nasal sprays. Think I've become immune to them over the years. They used to work great. Have you ever tried topomax? 😘

Hi Tracy sorry to hear ur feeling so bad , I know all about it .....

Thought I had it sorted lately by taking amitriptyline 20 mg at night ....going to a physio as I believe my pain on either side of my temple comes from my neck ... I get spine and neck massage which initially did help

I also take magnesium and b6

I've a sweet tooth so I must cut back

I also have a tooth guard which

I wear at night as I grind so bad

When I'm good I don't wear it when I'm in pain I go back to it

It's trial and error for me at the moment hope this helps

Wishing you pain free days

Regards ber

Thank you for your reply! Very much appreciated! I've often got pain in back of my neck! Wondered if this sometimes triggers my migraines although everything seems to set them off at mo. I'm a very silent stressed person too. Doesn't help! Do you think magnesium and B6 work? This might sound strange but at start of a migraine or end of one I find something sugary helps a little. Good luck with finding relief with this awful pain.

Thank you

Magnesium and it's b12 not b6 ..... Won't do you any harm if u get the varidian brand no additives and the added bonus of b 12 is if your on hols Mosquitos won't come near you !

People think I'm very calm but I'm a very silent stressed person too.. What do you do for this it's prob the root cause of my migraines .... ?Magnesium is supposed to be good for muscle relaxing


Thank you for that πŸ˜‡ What strength of vit b12 do you take? Just been researching it and it's a minefield lol. B2 B6 and B12 have been advised for migraines. Was looking at the B complex vit but don't think the strengths are enough?

Mine is viridian

High twelve

B- complex B12


I feel for you as I know they totally run your life. I am 53 and have suffered since 21. Like you have had many ruined holidays etc. Have. Minimal social life now. At present have about 20 days per month in pain but try to keep triptan days to 10- very hard. Candesartan has helped a bit. Have tried all other remedies and preventatives with no success. Life is very tough. Today is a bad day x

Traceyjane66 in reply to KateeB

Hi KateeB.

Thanks for reply. What triptan type do you take? Do you take any other type of painkiller? I'm wanting a new preventive med! Don't want to go back on pitozofen tho! Read about topamax? Have you tried those? Not been to docs about my migraines in years only good for review once a year about high blood pressure and high colestrol. Hope your pain eases πŸ‘πŸΎ

Hi I am on Candesartan as a preventative. Tried Topiramate / Topamax but did nothing. Try to get a referral to a migraine specialist. I am with the National Hospital for neurology in London who are good and can also do nerve blocks and botox ( tried both) . Good luck x

Naratriptan for early onset

Sumatriptan injection for when I wake with one

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin and magnesium

I've had chronic migraine for 34 years and I've used all preventative meds and nothing worked. Good luck

B12 deficiency can cause migraine type headaches - as well as a lot of other things.

Personally I'd be careful about what dose of B6 you take - recommended upperlimit is 100mcg per day in the US, 25mcg per day in europe and 12.5mcg in the UK - it can cause neurological damage certainly at levels over 100mcg a day over a few months and there have been a few reported cases of this not reversing with supplementation stops.

Feel for you. Had a migraine on Thursday which spilled into Friday. The last two mornings I've been waking up with the most awful headache which I'm not entirely convinced is a migraine (no nausea) and it doesn't seem to clear until the afternoon - getting to the end of my tether with it as it has really stopped me working - yesterday I couldn't even divide by 2 :). My migraines are hormonally related and I'm going through the menopause and they have become much more frequent as a result. My mother and grandmother followed the same pattern with the migraines going once they got through the menopause so I live in hope that things will get better.

Really hope that you manage to find a solution that works for you - I've been using a steam inhaler today which sometimes helps - and I do find that aroma's can also help me - citrus scents, and peppermint.

Thank you very for that! Help knowing I'm not alone in this! Fed up of people saying oh she's got headache again! If they only knew eh? I'm taking 100mg B6 but it's more to help with hot flushes and perimenopause! Maybe I should do more research on them! I'm just so down and fed up that I'm willing to try anything! Just ordered some B12! Good luck xx

I used nasel sprays too strong gave me nose bleeds i use pain killers work brilliantly.

Traceyjane66 in reply to Alpow

What painkillers do I use? I use Solpadol effervescent! Many thanks!

Hello Traceyjane

I would not tell you what to do to get rid of migraines but I will tell you what I did which may help you or others.

I am 74, male and had migraines from childhood until I was sixty.

I would have blinding headaches about twice or three times a week.

Painkillers were not much use – all I would do was go to bed and curl up in a ball in a darkened room but of course that was not always possible.

I was always sick (vomiting) with it and thought that was part of the migraine – I took paracetamol or aspirin and years later realised that it was these drugs that made me sick – I changed to ibuprofen which stopped the vomiting. When I was about fifty, I started to research diet in relation to migraine and decided to keep a food diary. If you do this you must religiously note down every thing you eat and drink and the timing of your headaches. After a few months I had definitely figured out things that triggered my headaches; for me these were chocolate, alcohol, mature cheese and citrus (except lemons). I got rid of these things from my diet and discovered I hardly had a headache any more. My body must have changed over the years because I can now eat these things in moderation (but not oranges). If I have more than one glass of wine I can feel a headache coming on but eat chocolate and cheese with abandon! I would say try to avoid all those pharmaceuticals – often the side effects are worse than the illness. This is not a cure-all – just wanted to try to help others who may be in the depths of despair – things can get better!

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