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Herbs that work

I don't know if this will work for everyone.

It maybe best to consult a physician if you are on medication.

I found fresh rosemary tea, great for reducing the symptoms of my migraine. I grow mine in a pot outdoors.

I had great difficulty finding it as a tea bag.

However, I also found Wild fennel teabags, which was almost as effective, in my local Waitrose store. They sell out quickly, so someone else must know about it. If you don't like the taste, try it with a little honey. Honey is also good for my migraine.

Let me know if anyone finds this useful.

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Thanks for sharing 👍 it's worth s go 😁


Not heard of this thanks. Just in general or during onset of migraine?


In general , drink 2or 3 cups a week and see how it works for you


Thanks for your interest.

I usually take herbs as soon As I feel the first signs of a migraine onset. It doesn't have to be drank hot.

If the herbs don't completely stop the migraine, it lessens the severity. That way, I can still function during the day.

Hope this helps.


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