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NHS andDHE infusions 8 months wait is inhuman

Anyone suffering chronic status migraine or chronic traumatic migraine who is unable to tolerate or get relief from any other form of medication is forced to suffer unremitting pain in a darkened room for 8 months before being able to get DHE

Lidocaine treatment is 18months wait and they wonder why so many commit suicide

Its a total disgrace to see my 17 yr old grandaughter suffer like this through no fault of her own but total misdiagnosis by 4 different neurologists over 2,5 yrs

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Hi that's awful, she has had mri and scans to check everything? I just looked at NHS page for waiting times, it should be no longer than 18 weeks, have a look and take it up with the hospital.


So sorry to hear she is having such a terrible time. Who has told her she has to wait 8 months? Maybe you should take it up with PALS in the hospital she attends. Presumably she is still with paediatric services? Good luck x


at nearly 18 she is no longer allowed in peadiatrics and has fallen in the gap that exists as it is

MRI and CT scans done show nothing but apparently not one was a contrast MRI

Waiting List at Kings in London for DHE is 8 months yet she has been misdiagnosed and wrongly treated for entire 2.5 yrs inc Great Ormond St never mind waiting 6 months to even see the top guy at Kings who knew what he was doing

The entire treatment for Chronic Traumatic Migraine is a total disgrace


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