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Migraines...botox and being off work..


I have been suffering with almost daily migraine..having tried several meds which I couldn't tolerate..I have just had my first course of botox on the NHS.

Working 4 days a week..I have just about managed to get through the days..but my life is being affected so much.I'm so worried as I have had a week this week off work with headaches..months and months of pretending I'm managing these headaches at work has taken its toll..i m due to go to work tomorrow but I feel so ill..I am a front of house receptionist dealing with every patient and phone call myself.the phones ringing and trying to smile . I need to be signed off but I'm so worried my boss will get fed up with my sickness record. Also I will have to go onto statutory sick pay and I can't afford to. I'm at breaking point with all of this.

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Constant migraines are a disability but try telling that to DWP. I was on sick pay for months but then had to go in for an assessment. Because I could dress myself and go to the loo myself at night, I didn't fit the 'criteria'. I was expected to care for vulnerable adults 24/7 or get another job. What job when you have a banging headache most of every day?

I am sorry you are so ill with migraine at present. Stick with the Botox treatment it worked for me and after being a chronic migraine sufferer for 25 years I now have a normal life.

I believe migraine comes under the disability discrimination act it would be worth checking this out to see what protection this gives you with your employer.

Best wishes

Thankyou...its good to hea4 a positive story about the botox.

I had last week off work and I think I will be taking this week as well as I'm feeling so ill.sensitivity to smell has increased dramatically.. And there is no way I can be around the product smells in a dental practice! Does the botox start to work after several months?

Hi I have had two rounds of botox and its working! Its working its working oh my god. Im so happy I cannot tell you. Keep going with it as it has a 70% success rate and is more powerful every time. Not much for me till the second lot and I have a pretty good innings for 6 weeks! OH MY GOD six weeks!!! LAst year I had 152 days of straight migraines and now.....sanity. So keep going.

Wow that's great to hear you are feeling better and suffering less migraines.

I will stick with it and hopefully see some improvements on round 2 of the botox.

Back at work this week but mornings only so taking it slow as working on computers aswell dosnt help.

Definitely stick with the botox! Hopefully there is light at the end of your tunnel. I had chronic daily migraines for 2 years, tried every tablet known to man :) and eventually, after being dragged to A&E by my then fiance, I was referred to a neurologist (Dr Al Din) at my local hospital who said I was perfect for botox. I've never looked back. I still get plenty of headaches per month but the severity is far more manageable.

If it's been offered to you then you're one of the lucky ones.

Good luck, I hope you get your situation sorted!

x Nic

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Thank-you... It's so good to hear a positive out come. How many rounds of botox do they give..as due for round two in December.

Back at work..managing..just.

Roll on better management of these migraines.

I've been having the botox now for about 2 years, after having 2 years of constant, daily migraines.

I have to fill in the diary and as long as my headache days fit their criteria I've been told I'll continue to have treatment every 13 weeks. I suppose until something better, or cheaper!! comes along.

Hope it continues to work for you!

I can't speak highly enough about it. Really has changed everything.

x Nic

Wow...that's great news..I wonder what the criteria is? I'm grateful to be having this treatment to be honest.

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You have to have migraines for more than 15 days a month continuously and have tried more than 3 preventative treatments

Does anybody in your family have autoimmune diseases including thyroid, or any history of miscarriages, early strokes or heart attacks? MaryF

I have botox and the first 2/3 weeks arent great. I have what I call botox flu. General illness and sickness. But I was told to expect this.

After that I have less migraines and headaches and the ones I have are lesser pain and easier to rid.

It's been a life saver! This time last year I had to have 3 months off work and numerous other periods lost due to my migraines. I suffer with hemiplegic migraines, cluster headaches and neuralgia.

I'm now on my 3rd round of botox and with each round it gets easier ... the first had a slight effect but each one seems to have more of an effect xxx


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