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Broken Brain Migraine

Broken Brain Migraine


It stabs my eye with an ice pick

to the core of the meat 

twist and yank

cracking temples in a vice grip

hammer through bone and gristle

take that sharpened fork

heated sear my tender neck 

claw it off my tightened shoulders

with dull saw my jaw ragged

twist out each tooth, nerves alive

melting into the numb oblivion

sensitive flesh shivers

mouth waters with contained spew

taste of rot and bananas

every little sound so deafening

chews off my ears

is this what death feels like.

no. no.

just a Migraine


My neurologist (brain doctor) encouraged me to submit this poem for all who have felt the wrath of migraine pain. I am also posting for those who have never experienced a migraine, lucky

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I completely relate.




I have only just stumbled upon your poem, absolute perfection. You have described my migraines to a tee.

Very clever writing. X


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