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Hi everyone, I’ve suffered with migraines for nearly 10 years but every time I went to the docs they just said come off the pill etc, I went back last week as they’ve got more painful and frequent recently, she gave me sumatriptan (not been the magical cure I was hoping for) and has referred me to the neurologist, any ideas what the first neurologist appointment entails? Thanks xx

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Sorry to hear you're having a tough time.

If you've not already had a CAT scan or MRI they may book you in for one of those, just to double check they're not missing anything. After that, in my experience, they basically try you on various treatments to see if they help. If none of the pharmaceutical drugs work, or they give you excessive side effects, you may be offered Botox injections (that's what I'm trying at the moment).

Good luck! Hope something works for you.


Thank you xx


Oh if you have a MRI does your whole body go in? Just cause I’m claustrophobic lol xxx


I hear you! No, not your whole body. If you are able bodied you could definitely wriggle out in a crisis, so that is comforting. They give you an emergency button and talk to you through headphones, so in reality that would never be necessary, but for piece of mind I think it's good to know. I've had a quite a few now because I have a neurological condition, and my coping mechanism is to close my eyes, pretend I'm lying on a beach, and breathe deeply in time with imaginary the tide going in and out. Hope that helps 😊


I have been having everyday chronis migraines for over 10 years tried all types of medication nothing worked, only treatment that has been affective has been the DHE treatment which reduced my pain a lot which I could manage doing daily activities, currently trying botox but unfortunately for me hasn't helped and made me really sick and migraines a lot more worse, but everyone responds to treatments and medications differently and maybe work but only treatment that works for me is the DHE, ask at your appointment about that treatment maybe they will offer it to you.

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Hi Gemma

I get strong head ache occasionally I don't think it is proper migraines but I do get the feeling of pressure in the forehead the doctor has put me on avamys nasal spray and amatripatalin which this is part of the sumatriptan family good luck micee


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