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Thank you - Hemicrania

I just wanted to say thank you. A few years ago (2014 I think) I came across a post here which mentioned Hemicrania. 5 years later and a couple of trips to see the headache god in London and I have a diagnosis and it’s under control.

I still get migraine too but the constant pain and swollen nose are under control.

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So glad for you. Yes it could well have been my post as I too was diagnosed with HC. How are you controlling it



With indometacin 75mg three times a day. I get slight breakthrough now and then but professor Goadsby said there was little benefit in upping it from where I am. What do you use?



Apologies for replying to your chat. But i have HC and despite a number of treatments (inc Indometacin) my HC is not controlled😩 but your post has given me hope, so huge thank you as its hard not to get down with little hope of getting this under control xx

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Hi there are some new treatments being trialled. I hope one works for you. Did the indometacin work at all? There should have been improvement or the HC diagnosis shouldn’t have been given.

Take care



Hi Kate,

I had a partial response but not total. I use it as a rescue drug for up-to 6 days when having a severe spell which helps to calm it down. Tried GON jabs which helped initially but then didn’t so had my 2nd botox last month, so keep 🤞. I am under Walton which i have a great deal of faith in. So glad your getting relief, take care k x


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