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Indromithecin for cluster headache


I suffer from chronic migraines and now being checked for additional possible cluster headache

The neuro has suggested a high dose of indromethacin , saying a lot of people can’t tolerate it so may need a two day Intravenous method

Experiences please ?


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Hi Ben

So i have been diagnosed with one of the TACs which is not cluster headaches but my consultants says a-lot of treatments are tried for both conditions.

So i first had indometacin as an increasing dose which did take down the intensity/severity of my headaches but did not get rid of them. I now take this drug as a rescue one when i have very bad spells (mine is every day with exasperations) and tolerate it ok. You need to take a drug to protect your stomach whilst on these and sometime get heartburn but nothing compared to the pain in my head.

What you will find is what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another but everything is worth a try to improve the quality of our lives.

Good luck in your search,


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Thankyou so much

I saw neurologist yesterday and I’m on every 3 day increase so 25mg then 50 then75 to what ever I can tolerate

I read this medication has a “black box warning “ !



I am sorry but don’t know what a black box warning is.

Best of luck with your new meds and hope it gives you some relief.


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