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Hughes Syndrome/APS an Autoimmune Condition

Hughes Syndrome/APS otherwise known as Sticky Blood or Antiphospholipid Syndrome, is something frequently missed by the medical profession, with unfortunate and serious consequences.

If you have a family history of autoimmune disease including Thyroid disorders, or relatives past and present with pregnancy loss, heart attacks, DVT's or strokes at an early age, and you yourself or close relatives suffer from stubborn migraines, which do not respond to standard medication, it is worth getting tested.

My whole family has this, our new charity aims to educate the public and the medical profession, we carry a list of doctors who full understand the condition. We have an event coming up in London if of interest. The website below is a good read, from the symptoms, to the treatment and also associated disorders. Some people even get wrongly diagnosed with MS as the features are so similar.

Basically if you have sludgy blood it will affect your brain and give you migraines among other symptoms. It is not unusual to have a Thyroid problem alongside this plus sometimes Sjogrens Disease, many are told they have 'Fibro'. My migraines did not go away until I had Aspirin and at times anticoagulation. Some woman unfortunately have multiple miscarriages and stillbirths and take years to get tested, the tests are cheap for any GP or consultant to order.


Hughes Syndrome/APS is a sort of cousin of Lupus!


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