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Finally diagnosed - Daily Migraines, Vertigo, etc - HELP! - Can Menopause be an Cause?

I started experiencing dizziness, vertigo and concentration issues end of last year which developed into full-blown vertigo and migraines in December. I have pretty much non-stop migraines, blurred vision, nausea, vertigo, muscle and joint pain to varying degrees since then. At best, I manage a few hours a day with just the edge of it but the slightest thing can move it into full-blown mode such as bending down, sudden movements, reversing the car, sudden noise, strong smells, stress, tiredness etc. Food makes no difference but I am pre-menopausal.

I have never had migraines before now and due to the neurological symptoms have been tested for MS after an MRI scan showed lesions but thankfully after a very stressful 10-week wait, the lumbar puncture came back clear, the downside is the neurologist has now signed me off so back to GP to start all over again.

I have been put on so many drugs, most of which have not worked at all and given me more problems. Now trying Topiramate for the 2nd time, currently on day 7, not feeling quite so drugged as I was at the start of taking them. I now feel very tired, dopey and unfortunately no let up on the pain yet. The first time I took it, I had severe pain in the right eye and my husband thought I was going to have a stroke, however, my doctor also had me on strong vertigo pills so this may not have helped, hence trying them again. Gabapentin stopped the joint pain but didn't touch the migraines, made me feel a bit spacey and was gaining weight dramatically. Propranolol dropped my already low blood pressure but the worst was it made my mucus membranes red raw (inside of my nose and lady bits!). I then moved onto Verapamil (Securon) but on the 3rd day woke up and my throat was swelling up and my gums were covering over half my teeth. Tried Candesartan but this had no effect on the migraines but made me very anxious and once again started to make my gums/throat well. The Dr will only give me Codeine for the pain which worries me as I know this can itself cause headaches and even these don't offer much relief, though I try not to take until absolutely desperate.

I am desperate to get my life back. I have stopped going out unless necessary as I don't know if I can drive home. Everything has pretty much stopped in 9 months. Does anyone have any advice on what has worked for them? My eyesight has deteriorated significantly. Since November I have increased 3 prescription levels, going from no glasses to glass for long and short sight.

I wonder if it is to do with the menopause, though I have no menopause symptoms I did have a hysterectomy 5 years ago but ovaries intact. Makes me wonder as it has come out of nowhere and does not seem to be affected by any foods if it could be the hormones. My eyes always used to have nice clear sclera (whites of eyes) but now they are not so much bloodshot but have thick red lines across them which get more prominent when the migraines are at their worst.

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Oh gosh I'm so sorry you are having such an awful time! Migraines take over our lives and are debilitating.

I am currently going through the menopause and my neurologist believes that my migraine are caused because of this. I am on topomax and have a Greater Opciptal Nerve Block injection in the back of my head every three months. The meds and injection help to lessen the length of time I have the migraine for but not the frequency atm so I'm not sure how effected it is really. When you go back to your doc maybe you could ask for an E.N.T. Appointment they could check your ears/balance and rule out meneiere's disease plus other balance issues that can cause migraine. Also maybe eye hospital as your eyes react quite severely? It really is trail and error till you and neurologist find the right meds etc. Also I'm sure you've read about eating regularly not skipping meals, sleeping well, finding your trigger foods, avoiding stress ha! That's a hard one eh!

I hope you get some help and answers soon

All the best

Kate 😊

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Thanks Kate, just had to stop the Topiramate as it was causing severe eye pain so back to the drawing board. So frustrating, I really don't know where to go from here. The migraines seem to be getting worse. I am trying to work but it becoming so hard. I now have a referral to headache clinic but a 4 month waiting list.


Hi sorry to hear your suffering like this. I too am in the same boat. Virtually a mirror image but at the moment the vertigo isnt as bad. Mine started after being steraliased 18 years ago. I tried all the drugs like yourself and had many nasty side affects. I also had a hysterectomy at 39 and between the gynacologist and neurologist tgey thoufht it would be a good idea to take the ovaries out incase the hormones were the cause. In my case no. No kniwn cause although i did have to have a discectomy in my neck last year which has since aggrevated matters even more. This has continued for 18. Ive missed out on so much and i also dint tend to go out incase the excitement or anxiety about the occasion triggers one.

Im currently on topirimate and for tye acute attack maxalt wafers.

Good luck sweetie, we need it xxx


Hello wesley10 I am so sorry to hear all that you have been through and having to stop the topiramate. It has been the only thing that has worked for me. A friend of mine has had botox treatment for the pain and it has transformed her when nothing else would work for her.

As for the menopause, my neuro says this is the cause. I have always suffered with migraine but mine started to change in nature when I had an injury to my neck/shoulder. The triptans stopped working and nothing would touch the pain. My neuro dismisses any suggestion from me that they are coming from my neck.

Try ringing up the appointment line to see if you can get a cancelled appointment.

Hope you get the help you need soon x

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Hope you are doing better now. I am post menopause. Also, I have always suffered from migraines. However, a few years back, I was very dizzy. I was diagnosed with vertigo. Believe or not, I think I am having it again, as I write this response to you. However, this time the room isn't spending, just feel dizzy. Now let talk about the pain in the back of my eye a few years later. I had a new pain in my head. It was behind my eye non-stop. You know that this frightened me. I went to the doctor then to the neurologist. They said that it was a migraine. I was wondering if it this was due to menopause. With the vertigo, you never know when it's going to come back. It's been years, but it is back, however, not as bad. As for my migraines, I take imitrex and sometimes fioricet. The imitrex really helps with the migraines for me. I wish you luck and you are not alone.


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