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Right eye seeing a rotating circle

Last night i experienced something I never have before. My right eye started getting foggy and I noticed There was a circle that was spinning almost like a kailiedoscope. It got larger until eventually it affected my entire right eye. I lost my peripheral vision as well. This went on for about an hour. I also felt slightly nauseated and also tingly in my left foot and then later my right hand. It was very scary! My roomate noticed my pupils looking very dilated as well. I also had trouble processing some words. I almost went to the ER thinking I was having a stroke but then it all subsided. I’ve never had a migraine before but I’m thinking maybe this was?? I had only a slight headache, nothing I would even take meds for. Any ideas on what this could be????

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Hi ChelseaHelene, that’s perfectly normal.....for migraine sufferers. I get that in my left eye sometimes and then the headache sets in, some people don’t even get the headache part. It’s called an aura - there may be a fancier name, but aura is the usual. If you’ve never had one before, go see your doctor and tell them what you went through. Sometimes stress can cause them, but it’s better to get it checked out just in case. Good Luck.


Hiya yes that’s definitely a migraine aura you have experienced. I have them a lot and have been having them for 24 years. However I never experience the tingly sensations but they are a symptom of them. Google it and you will see. I too generally don’t get much of a headache after them just a dull headache for a few hours but nothing that takes me to bed lying in dark room etc. thankfully.


Hi Chelsea,

I have had this a few times, I think it’s the same, it’s quite scary, especially the first time. I get no pain or headache, I feel a bit spaced and out of it at the time and for a while after, which develops in to a headache. I have only had them since I had a brain haemorrhage and were much worse just after but now they only come back if I am stressed or unwell.

It’s called an ocular migraine, if it happens often or are unsure, you should visit your doctor.


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