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Possible cure for chronic migraine

After 40 years of monstrous head pain, enough medication to sink a ship and more time spent in darkened rooms with a bucket than any human should have to Endure, I am now going to be that person on the Internet who recommends something. Only this thing worked for me, it may work for you too. Don’t give up hope.....I’m actually quite angry that I’ve lost so much time to migraine.......


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This link you posted makes me nervous wanting my email when you link in. Can you tell me what it did for you?


Hi Cruzgirl, I have less than half the number of migraines I used to and the ones I do have are less severe so I’m taking a small fraction of the medication that I used to. I was even head pain free for a few weeks. If I hadn’t been having a load of new stress, they might not have come back at all. I’m pretty confident they’ll go completely in the near future.

It’s a very positive process and I’m a less panicky, more self accepting person because of it.

I would suggest listening to a few of the podcasts on the website. They’re all interviews with scientists/Doctors/researchers who work in the field of the mind and body connection and the science behind this approach is really interesting and should be available to everyone suffering chronic pain.

Good luck!


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