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long time chronic migraine sufferer

30 years of chronic migraine, currently going through menopause and hoping there is light at the end of this tunnel.. Have tried just about every medication, both preventive and abortive, nothing has seemed to help... I must say Topamax did make a difference, but due to the awful side effects, had to stop. Hoping and praying for something to relieve us of this horrendous ailment. Cgrp is in the works and I had my first injection a few days ago. I will post later concerning the results. Hopefully good results, less headaches. This could be a God send........Keeping my fingers crossed......God bless

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Thanks so much for sharing. I am right there with you. I just discovered Almonds ( roasted, light salt, just a handfull) help soften the pain and have even taken the small ones away.

Can't wait to hear about your progress.

Thanks for sharing, any progress is great news for all of us take care.


Hi, I’ve had mine for about 49 years and they were left sided hormonally and sleep deprivation linked. I can comfort you by saying mine haven’t disappeared but are les intense and frequent post menopause. I’ve tried loads of treatments but sumatriptan has been most effective with least side effects. Just heard about almonds so will them a go at onset. Good luck with your new therapy.


I hear you! Had 40 years of it. Tried everything, was expecting the Menopause to at least give me a few days relief a month but it didn’t. What I have found and want to share with you is an app that gets you to work with your pain and it’s multiple causes. I’ve spent 6 months working with it and getting to understand the science behind the connection between the mind and body. The result is that I’ve gone from being a chronic migraineur with various levels of pain from merely migrainous old witch to full darkened room, non verbal vomiting migrainous old witch. To the new me, I don’t call myself a migraineur any longer, I get a couple of migraines a month and they respond much better to medication.

The app is from these people curablehealth.com/

You just do a bit of work with it alongside whatever medication regime you’re working with. By work I mean a meditation, reading, writing, visualisations. All sorts. Check it out, I got some improvement after 2 to 3 weeks. I also learned a LOT about the brain. Good luck however you manage the pain.


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