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I am new to the group but wanted to see if anyone else has eaten Almonds and they have helped to take their migraines away.

I way taking a class for work and started to get a migraine (of course I had taken all of my regular medication) and I felt a migraine coming on. I saw a package of almonds so I eat them, and it went away. Since then I bought a large bag and when I feel a headache coming on I start eating them it is stops it.

When I read things it had mixed reviews..

The almonds were dryed with no salt.

Any thoughts?

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I'm going to look into that, maybe something in the oils. My 15 yr old daughter suffers periodic migraines, she loves almonds, but has them infrequently. I use many natural remedies for my lung issues, icluding ginger in a medicinal mushroom brew, but its like "yuck", she would rather eat a few almonds a day. So Thanks for the heads up, will try.


I was getting another migraine I had taken all of my medicine and again started eating a hand full and as soon as I started eating the headache started to "soften" and then went away.

I would really like someone else to try them to see if they help other people. I eat plain with a little salt.

Please help!!


Please blend fresh ginger and squeeze the extract and be drinking , you will be quite amazed the relieve you will have . I used to be a chronic migraine suffer , it was as bad as twice or thrice a month. Some how close to five years now I have almost forgotten what it looks like . Please start drinking and let’s see how it will go


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