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I have a headache and can smell cigarette smoke when there is no one smoking

Hey don’t know if this is the right place to start but people have said this is a migraine but I’m not to sure. I’m 14 years old and I have had this headache where my temple is and back of my head. I have had it for like 3 days now and I can randomly smell cigarette smoke when there is no one smoking any were and I have asked if anyone else can smell it and they all said no. I have never had any if these symptoms or anything like this before. Also I was physical sick the first day I had the headache.

Has anyone had this or know what it is. I’m worried it’s something bad.

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Hi Kacey, I haven’t experienced this myself but do suffer from headaches/migraines. If you are still worried why not phone the receptionist at the doctor and see if you can get an appointment. Explain you’ve had a headache for 3 days and you felt ill with the headache. Even if it’s migraine, maybe there’s something that can help.

I find my headaches get worse when I get stressed, if you think you might be stressed, maybe try something to relieve the stress, I like going for a walk, a bike ride or a local cafe for some cake and read a magazine.

Best of luck x

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Thanks I have got a doctors appointment booked x


Great, hope everything goes ok x


Hi Kacey. You maybe just over sensitive to smells when you have migraine. For me, it can be a day before and after the actual migraine. So, even though there is no one with you smoking, they could have been there a day before. Indoor smoke smells can linger for days - even without an over sensitive sense of smell. Outdoors I can smell things that are too faint for anyone else to notice, so it could be that someone out of sight of you is smoking, and it could be so slight that only you notice it during your over sensitive phase.

OR could it be that you just have an hallucinating type symptom?

My migraines can last 3-4 days, so it's not unheard of to have headache lasting that long, but it is wise to have it checked out with doc.


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