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For all suffering from migraine

Dear all,

I've been struggling with ocular migrane for six years, well I never gave up and keep changing my routine.

Please learn and do meditation twice a day at least, be positive, been negative put lots of stress on brain.

Try to ignore trouble and trouble makers, every morning start your day with drinking warm water at least 1x month and see the natural magic.

I did took homeopathic remedy name Belladonna'

do exercices specially breathing exercise, gym heavy work out can also trigger migraine.

i wish you all good luck and recover from this migraines.

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greetings, Migraine is due to inflamation in the head and the pain is severe for days. Vitex Negundo (botanical Name) here oil is made and it has to be applied minimum two days in a a week for minimum of one hour in the day time and can eradicate the migraine. Also avoid water content veg e.g. laies finger, tomato, snake gourd and what ever veg which releases water.

Also try to join, Art of Living course where they will teach the breathing exercises and you can feel lot of difference.

The oil which is mentioned above is available in india and recently my friend had the Migraine issue and within two applications there was lot of relief and now totally gone.

good luck, god bless you.



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