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Last visit 9-13-2017 with the doctor doing my neck nerve shot and neck nerve blocks results...the first neck nerve shot done real good (neck nerve blocks really messed up by setting off massive migraines)...so the advice is: I need to go see a different Neurosurgeon to do neck surgery (going in through the front of my neck) to help remove the shocks and nerve damage in my left arm and to help with (lessen) the left side migraines, (supposedly nerves on left side of neck is mega tangled)....does anyone know about this kind of surgery, if so can you explain it, how long in hospital, how long healing, pros and cons (something about this surgery can take 4-6 hours of being under, so my Lung Specialist will be there-due to lung issues), they said they will not touch my Thyroid unless it's worse then what the cat scan show (can't do the dyes so make things even worse)....Any advice will help and be greatly appreciated...thanks

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