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Migraine Auras - scintillating scotoma?

I had a spate of these a few years ago, having never had them before (I have migraines without auras as a rule and when I have auras the pain isn't as bad if it's there at all). Then they disappeared. Now they are back again and I can get them every day or several times a week or, like this morning, twice. In fact I was dreaming I had an aura and turns out when I woke it was an actual one. Then slept a bit and then woke with one again though not so bad :(

I am worried after looking on Dr Google, in case I am at greater risk of a stroke. I am in my 50s (auras started after 50) and am not quite post-menopausal (but almost).

I am easily alarmed and worry about my health so be gentle with me - thanks

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