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Botox stopped working? Or extra stress?

Hi everyone! I have been getting Botox 31 shots every 3 months for over a year now. It's been working great. It actually gave me back a 'normal' life again. Just recently a week before my last dose I had 3 migraines. Then I had my shots, and since have had 1 every other day or so since. Was wondering if anyone still gets migraines if under extra stress or maybe the shots aren't working as good as they once did? Any comments welcome please.

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Hi,I had 12 months worth of Botox injections,every 3 months..first one made me worse,they said it can sometimes happen but try more so I did,2nd lot I started with bouts of vertigo,they said it wouldn't be down to the Botox!! So I carried on because I was desperate for them to work...but after my 4th one I had migraine or really bad heads every day so I won't have any more!!! Now have to wait 6months to see neurologist again to see where I go from here!!

Sounds like they did work for you at first,which is good...you know what stress you have at the minute,but stress definitely makes them worse for me😒

Hope it's just a blip for you and they work again...👌


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