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I seem a bit contradictory when trying to raise everyone else's spirits about migraines, but at the moment I'm having a bad patch, migraines and mental health wise.

I got my results back yesterday from my MRI scans, and they haven't found anything. I'm a bit disappointed- don't get me wrong, I'm grateful nothing serious is wrong, but a diagnoses would at least make me feel that I'm not totally insane. Now I feel that everything that is happening doesn't even exist and I don't want people thinking I'm making it all up. Sigh.

I still have my lumbar puncture procedure next week, and I remember being told there was something in my left eye so maybe that might be another route after all of these tests.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm a bit low.

All the best to everyone xx

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😢 I know what you mean but yeah it is good they never found anything. You just tick off your list one at a time, everything that's bothering you.

I honestly believe these migraines have been triggered by something else somewhere else in the body and I'm determined to find my trigger.

Stay strong, don't give up, keep fighting and breath 😘

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Thanks for your support.

Good luck to you too, and in time we can determine our triggers. Thank you 😘

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You'll get there 👍 we're strong people, you've got this 😘

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